10 Tips & Advices About Your Car Tyres

July 4, 2017

It’s imperative to have well-maintained set of tyres is for your car safety. Some useful tips and advices can help you on how to get the best from your falken tyre. Ensuring your tyres are legal and roadworthy is not only a requirement to get the best grip and ride comfort from your car; For sure, the grip and ride comfort cannot be ensured by determining the roadworthiness of your tyres.

Having that in mind, we have compiled some tips and advices about maintaining your tyres just to make sure you get the best deal on new falken tire, get the most out of your rubber, and take the right precautions so that it keeps your car tyre from being stranded.

Check Your Tyres Cold

Before driving anywhere, it’s imperative to check the tyres. Your tyres gradually warm up, which is due to the friction between road and tyre. Zooming in a little bit more, it happens because of the internal friction between the tyre and air molecules that causes the tyre to warm up. Once you have driven over hundred yards, the increase in temperature will also raise the pressure proportionally. At that moment, it’s recommended not to check and adjust pressure according to the marker because this would considerably under-inflate when measured cold.

Avoid mixing tyres

Car manufacturers design a vehicle to work with four tyres that are meant to perform at one consistent standard. Often people done realize while mixing makes and models, that actually perform differently, they compromise the car’s grip and handling. Therefore, it’s important to have all four tyres of the same model & manufacturer through the new tyres on driven wheels wear out quickly. If somehow, you aren’t able to replace four tyres at one, just make sure to do at least two at once. Also keep in mind that the two tyres on each axle match each other.

Spare or emergency repair?

With manufacturers trying to pull off vital weight and also increase boot capacities, spare tyres are losing their significance. Instead, most of the tyre manufacturers are providing an emergency tyre repair kit, which includes a 12V pump, liquid sealant, powered from the car’s power supply. Make sure that you keep this thing in practices and familiarize yourself with using it before you get a puncture.

Moreover, keep all of this kit together and in the car, may odds be ever in your favor but these things turn up useful in the time of need. In case you are buying a used car tyre, make sure to ask the owner about this kit so that you don’t have to pay an extra amount to get new kit.

Look after the Wheels Steering and Suspension

The accelerated tyre wear is mostly caused by misaligned steering or worn suspension. If this is happening, checking the tyres should frequently alert you. Just simply ask the garage to check the wheel alignment in case you have any such concerns. Finally, check the wheels for any damage that will potentially cause punctures.


Do you want your car tyre to last longer? Just check out this article and learn some useful tips.

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