5 Tyre Safety Concerns before Your Next Road Trip

June 18, 2017

Road is a dangerous place for everyone that is on it. Often enough there is an accident right from where you passed yesterday or are likely to pass tomorrow, sometimes accidents occur with your vehicle even being in the frame. It is likely for most people to be either involved in a car accident or witness one on regular basis. Most of the times these are caused by human errors of course but a healthy percentage is also cause by errors in tyre quality or other vehicle related problems. Here are a few tyre safety concerns before your next road trip that you should check necessarily.

1: Condition of the Treads on the Tyres

This is an absolute must and is the most direct safety concern regarding tyre quality in any vehicle. The condition of the tyre treads decide their attributes like the road grip and ability to turn at various angles while at high speeds. You should always check the deepness and clarity of the treads in the tyres, check them from close up as well, there are indicative layers that show when the treads are nearing their lower limits, make sure to change tyres as soon as you have those indications. Treads are responsible to keep the tyres and vehicles on the road and not off it, take extreme care in them. Top brands like Michelin Tyres have the ability to keep the treads going for longer periods of time.

2: Softness or Hardness in the Rubber

The rubber quality in the tyres should always be checked as well before the start of a fresh trip or basically before you buy those tyres in the first place. Softer tyres have the ability to grip the road better and also they don’t wear and tear so easily because of the softness in the rubber. Hard rubber local tyres are the opposite of all of that. This becomes more of a concern in hotter climates like India or the UAE. Top Tyre Distributors in UAE make sure to offer top branded tyres that have the ability to deliver softer rubber tyres in all their ranges.

3: Tyre Balance

Tyre balance is also very crucial to the safety of the vehicle. When tyres out of balance, vehicles tend to sway to one particular side all the time until tyres are balanced again. The best way to check this is go on a quite road and drive your vehicle at medium speeds and check if it sways to a particular side when the steering wheel is let go. Ensure correct balance to be safer.

4: Tyre Pressure

This is a must as well. Always check tyre pressure before the start of any road trip. Tyres with low or too high pressure have the tendency to burst when driven at higher speeds. Go to your nearest tyre shop and get your pressure gauged up, never compromise on this, make this a priority no matter how urgent is your trip.

5: Ability to Withstand the Weather Conditions

Top international quality brands have the ability to design tyres that are according to the weather conditions of a particular region tyres are supposed to be sold in. For instance hotter countries like India or UAE will require different quality tyres when compared with colder countries like Canada or Russia. Brands like Nexen Tyres in UAE or even Dunlop Tyres in UAE have the ability to design tyres that are able to withstand the extreme heat of the hot countries and also ones that will deal appropriately with wet and cold conditions in the colder countries. Make sure to look past the early higher investment in branded tyres cases and you will be able to reap the benefits in the longer term.

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