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A Biker’s Guide To Buy Pirelli Tyres

June 22, 2017

From the early days of motorcycles, tyres have come a long way and a fair amount of technology is being used today in manufacture of modern bike tyres. Riders are well aware that a set of quality tyres is essential to a safe and enjoyable bike riding experience.

Motorcycle tyres are primary factors when it comes to a smooth steering and firm road grip. They also provide shock absorption, supports frame of the vehicle and also bear the load of both the rider and another passenger(if any).

Riders should be well aware when tyres need replacement so as to ensure the element of safety, control and keeping them in top condition. Choosing Pirelli in Dubai for your motorcycle is wisest decision but a little challenging as there’s a huge variety and many different sizes available.

So when you’re actually out to invest in a new pair of tyres, riders should least understand a few basics such as tyre size and specification so as to make the right decision. Check out the guide for a better understanding!

Know when replacement is needed

The moment motorcycle tyre starts wearing, backend of the vehicle feels a bit loose especially on turns. Indicators of potential tyre issue and wear can be identified if one experiences certain vibrations, noise in the tyre, unstable handling and rubbing. This is the reason tyres need regular inspection and careful maintenance to ensure longevity that can be achieved to a certain extent through proper inflation and avoid exposure to different elements.

Check the tread wear

Bike owners should habitually check tyres for flat spots, uneven wear, cracks and punctures before almost every trip. When buying Pirelli in Dubai, one’s actually relieved from all this hassle for a long time due to premium quality. Tread wear indicators; the small raised bars inside the treads are important to keep a grip on the road and riders should know when the tread’s worn down to around 0.063 inches or below that.


Every tyre comes with a manufacturer’s recommended inflation level that’s known as psi or pounds of air-pressure per square inch within the tyre. To ensure optimum performance, they must be inflated to the recommended psi level at all times.

On the contrary, underinflated tyres can quickly build-up heat that might lead to a dangerous blowout while riding whereas overinflated wheels are more prone to punctures. Always keep a tyre pressure gauge and use it once or twice a week. Also check when tyres are cool for more precise reading.

Meanwhile, avoid exposing tyres directly to sunlight for extensive periods as UV rays of the sun harden the rubber compound more quickly. Park the motorcycle in a garage or any other sheltered area  whereas you can use a heavy-duty protective cover to prevent certain damage from the sun and natural elements.


Do remember that front and read tyres on a motorcycle are of different sizes so it can be tricky to buy or replace unless you’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pirelli in Dubai make sure that your biking experience is always smooth so that’s one of the many brands to trust!

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