Some handy information for shipping your golf cart

July 14, 2017

Golf cart shipping is not similar as shipping of regular vehicles. It requires expertise and experience to ship a golf cart. Since the golf carts comes with a huge cost, any man-handling while shipping is not at all tolerated. The biggest concern of shipping a golf cart is its safety. Multiple body parts of the golf cart require attention and care during the unloading and loading process.

Any sort of carelessness can cause damage and huge losses. Hence, if you don’t own a specialized vehicle for shipping a golf cart, it always better to hand over the job to a company who can perform the task skilfully.

The golf carts vary in shape and size. Hence, the selection of type of transport for golf cart entirely depends on two things – the customer preference and the safety recommendations of the service providers. The shipping companies offer two kinds of transport – enclosed and open.

The enclosed auto transport is a safer means of transport as compared to the open one. It provides complete shield to your golf cart by covering it from all the sides. Mostly preferred for long distances, the enclosed trailers are expensive. On the contrary, open auto transports are economical.

There are numerous golf cart transportation company usa, but the choices you opt for shipping makes a huge difference in the quality of service. Following are some aspect which will help you in selecting the best shipping company for transporting your golf cart.

  • Tracking facility: The service provider must provide real time updates on the vehicle’s movement. Constant update gives customer satisfaction that your vehicle is in safe hands and transported at the right destination. The electronic tracking system has revolutionized the entire process of shipment where the customers are kept in loop during the process of shipment and any transport related queries are answered in no time.
  • Crating: The option of crating is not always necessary but depending on the method of transportation, you may look forward to crate your golf cart before delivery.
  • Insurance: Golf cart shipping is a costly affair. To avoid any losses against the damages caused during transit, it is imperative to have an insurance cover. Make sure that the shipping company that you are opting for gives you a quote which will have insurance cover irrespective of the vehicle type or destination.
  • License: License to travel within the permissible domestic and international boundaries is an important consideration that should not be missed on the check list. The companies which do not have the necessary permits may end up wasting the time and money invested for shipping.

A little research will give you options for choosing one shipping company that suits best to your needs. After short listing the companies on these parameters, you will have to get the price quotes.

The auto transport companies will give you quotes after collecting a handful of information such as the type of vehicle, mode of transport, origin and destination points, method of payment, etc.  After receiving the quotes that fits in your budget, you can easily finalize a shipping company for transporting your golf cart.


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