Top 5 Golden Road Safety Tips You Must Follow

June 30, 2016
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What is it that is a taking away the lives of the young people at an alarming rate, year after year? If you are wondering as to whether there is a psychopath serial killer on loose, then you are wrong; it is no psychopath killer but sheer disregard of road safety and safety signs that is claiming all these young lives. As a matter of fact, motor vehicle collisions rank the highest among the several causes that are taking away the lives of the youth of today. It is not that the drivers are not educated about the importance of road safety and the correct interpretation of all road safety signs beforehand, it is just that the youth of today feel that they are too immune to meeting an untimely death and, hence, prefer to throw caution to the winds to being safe while on the road instead. 

For those of you who have lost a loved one, seen death upfront or decided to take a reformed approach to road safety, here are the top 5 golden road safety tips:

1. Paying heed to traffic & road safety signs
A majority of the accidents happen at crossroads, despite their being installed with fully functional traffic lights. You must halt your vehicle as the signal turns red—crossing nevertheless might lead to a deadly collision, putting every single occupant of the two vehicles at risk. Furthermore, when you are behind the wheels, you must keep your eyes wide open and look out for all road safety signs signalling any ongoing construction work, a diversion or an open manhole.

2. Staying within the speed limit
Speed thrills but kills—the proverbial saying may seem clichéd but is true to the core. You must stay well within the speed limit at all times, regardless of however much you are tempted to pace up. Never give in to the temptation of speeding even on the emptiest of roads because such roads are only seemingly empty and often see a rare vehicle or two zoom past at unearthly speeds, resulting in collisions quite a few times.

3. Wearing wind shields & seat belts
If you drive a two-wheeler, you must never leave your home without a wind shield or a helmet, even for the shortest of errands. A single blow to your head could cost you your life! If you drive a four-wheeler vehicle, you must wear your seatbelt and ensure that everyone else in your car does too. Wearing a seatbelt prevents the body from plunging forward and hitting something undesirable, the glass windshield in case of the front occupants of a car!

4. Maintaining your vehicle
So you thought maintenance was only important from the aesthetic perspective! Do not just fret over a scratch or two on your car body; instead make sure that your vehicle brakes are working fine and smooth, that the clutch plate is in good condition or the wheels are properly inflated! 

5. Getting a health cover & better managing your time
Before you get behind the wheels, make sure you have gotten yourself and your vehicle protected under an insurance policy! If you do not like speeding usually and only speed when in a hurry, try and manage your time better so as to eliminate one of the major causes of speeding—getting late!

In Rainy Season, the roads get flooded after every single monsoon shower and the road conditions deteriorate for the remainder of the year. Your safety is in your hands! Take extra precautions when driving around during and after rains lest you might end up in a manhole! 

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