Why You Should Buy A Used BMW 7 Series?

July 3, 2017

It is not wrong to say that BMW cars are a head-turner. Whenever we see a BMW zipping down the road; not only do we turn around to admire it, we can see everyone around us turn their heads as well. A BMW defines German class and luxury. The firm always makes sure that its work is extremely unique and purely dynamic. Owning a BMW has been a dream for every car fanatic. The 7 Series has kept eyes peeled on it since it was introduced. The BMW sedans- BMW M760Li xDrive and the BMW M760Li xDrive Model V12 are equipped with an M Performance TwinPower Turbo twelve-cylinder petrol engine.

With one of the strongest appearances and specifications, BMW has always been one of the undisputed kings on the road. BMW is also well known for the expensive rate at which it sells its cars; but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream of buying it. You can always buy a used BMW 7 series in markets of Delhi to avoid a big hole in your pocket. Let’s check out why:

1) Price-

One of the major reasons to buy a used car is the price. The price benefit that you derive from buying a used model is the first and foremost factor that drives the majority for doing the same. It is an obvious fact that a second hand car will cost less than the market price. Thus, opting a pre-owned BMW 7 Series would be beneficial.

 2) Signature-

Owning a BMW 7 Series is something you must definitely be proud of. It can be very well used as a status symbol. Every BMW car defines class, thus no matter new or old’ a BMW never loses its footing. Especially when you own the latest generation, not only the enthusiast but every common man knows that it is a luxury to own such a car in today’s time. The best part of the 7th generation is that it improves its aesthetics while managing efficient air flow at the same time.

 3) BMW Pre-Owned Cars-

One of the facilities offered by the BMW is that they will help you with the sale of used BMWs.  Rather than going to dealers to buy a car, the company will help you with the purchase itself. By doing so, BMW ensures that the car you buy would be according to their standards and will be a safe investment. It is the best way to get a certified used BMW 7 series in Delhi or other major cities. The owners will have a sense of pride knowing that they are buying a new BMW, irrespective of the fact that it is used.

  4) Safety-

New or old, the safety standards of the BMW 7 Series are always adhered to. You needn’t take any stress regarding the safety features of the car. The active and passive nature of the drive aid feature definitely makes the car safer. Apart from that, every model of the car is equipped with the basic safety features such as automatic braking and side airbags, which are a necessity in today’s date.

5) Depreciation-

As time passes, every car starts losing its value. It is usually the owner of the car who takes the major hit of the depreciation as the value of a new car depletes the most in the first few years. Depreciation can step down up to 40% or more during the first year.

Driving a BMW is an experience you definitely don’t want to skip out on, so go to your nearest dealer and get a used model already!


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