10 Quick tips about Call Center Outsourcing Companies

December 27, 2017

Without a doubt, witnessing a rapid growth in your customer base can be the best thing happening to your business. It may seem amazing to watch your clientele spread like never before, but, new challenges come along too.

Having a wide-spread client-base brings a requirement to identify new and improved ways to handle it. With a rise in the number of pain-points, demands, queries, and grievances to handle, there comes an increased opportunity to serve your customers more effectively.

Working with an experienced and reliable outsourcing company aids your business significantly. Building an in-house call center demands your remarkable amount of money, time, effort, and management. So, the best alternative is to outsource your customer service department. But selecting an ideal contact center for your business is not a cake walk either.

To aid you to select the relevant partner for your business, we have discussed some quick tips that might be conducive to your search for the ideal call center outsourcing company.

1. Look for credibility:

The contact center you will be partnering with will be responsible for managing the most important factor in your business – your clients. Thus, it’s important that this workforce is trustworthy. Make sure to assess the competency of your outsourcing partner and see whether they are certified to carry out customer service operations.

2. Start with sample service

It’s wise to give a comparably small task to a new team so as to check their efficiency and performance before handing them more serious projects to work on. If the outsourcer lives up to your expectations and demands with the small assignment, you can be put your trust in them with significant tasks in the future.

3. Technical proficiency

Handling and carrying out customer care operations demands a diligent and technologically sound system. For the same, you must keep a stringent check on the call center for their infrastructure, so that you can be assured of a hassle-free and gratifying customer service.

4. Regular performance reports

Since your outsourcing company will usually be situated at a fair distance from you, an adequate system is needed to be set. As a business owner, you need to stay in the loop with all the operations and advancements going at the outsourcers’ end. Hire a proficient team that can commit to send timely and updated reports of their work such as live monitoring systems.

5. Financial background assessment

There are multiple reputed call center outsourcing companies almost at every location, but, quite a few of them are not reliable at all. It is necessary that you check the financial and legal standing of the call center you want to outsource to, in order to be sure about who you are going to rely upon your crucial projects.

6. Ensure call center integration with your CRM

Perhaps how an outsourcing company handles your customer database is the most imperative criteria you should consider while choosing. The main pillar of a successful business is support service and if the call center can smoothly and timely integrate the customer support data into your CRM, you will acquire a more specific understanding of your clients; their area of pain and other demands.

7. Social media integration

Experts predict that in the coming time, social media interactions with the brands will equal phone communications and more than 70% of them will be service-oriented. Hence, while choosing a call center keep your focus on social media equivalent to the phone-based interactions. Keep in mind that customers whose comments on social media are not addressed seamlessly are not thinking twice before shifting their loyalty to competitors.

8. Be logical about the location

While selecting the ideal outsourced call center for your business, location is one of the predominant factors of all. It means that you should be searching for the call centers in a location that caters to your customer requirements and ideally fits the infrastructure. Let’s say for a telecommunication firm planning to expand to Asia, India or Philippines will be the most strategic to leverage a call center.

9. Discuss the policies and procedures

As a business owner, make sure to understand how the interaction will be handled via regular updates to complete planning and design of the program. You can request the outsourcing company to see samples of the reports they deliver and ask them if the customization is possible in line with your business requirements. Get to know the metrics they use to assess their agents and ensure that they conform to your business standards.

10. Understand what and how you will pay

Just before putting your signature on the dotted line, make sure to know how are you going to be charged and when. Ensure that outsourcer is not charging for the time your customer is on hold.

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