3 usages of IVR system for telephone answering service provider

July 5, 2017

Computerised receptionists are a growing trend which is scattering through businesses nationwide. High raised demands, improved call volumes and technological advancement have driven a lot of companies to invest in an IVR system. This system or technology is used to manage high call volume within a short range of expenditure. Phone answering services using IVR allow agents to resolve customer queries without a live agent. If the caller fails to find the right answer or the response they seek for from a computer, the IVR system has the facility to transfer it to a live agent.  This methodology allows agents to have enough time to deal with complicated issues or customers. An IVR application can answer multiple phone numbers at the same time. DNIS confirms that the accurate application and language is accomplished. An IVR is considered to be so influential that a single massive IVR system has the ability to handle calls for numerous applications, each with its particular phone number and script.

Several telephone answering service providers use the IVR application to analyse, identify and segment callers. The facility to identify caller according to their profile allows agent to provide facility according to their requirements. This system allows customer to wait in a call queue to speak with a live agent, choose an automated service or may appeal a call back. Moreover, the systems use a caller line identification data from several networks to identify or authenticate the caller. Supplementary confirmation of data includes account number, personal information, password and biometrics.

Depending on the business you are dealing with you are bound to get calls from customers regarding issues or asking for help with major and common problems. Sometime live agents digest a lot of time, money and resources. Therefore, a smart idea to employ into such businesses is to install the services of an IVR application. You can arrange your IVR to answer the same questions with the intelligent level of a live agent. All you need to do is program the system with several choices and accurate responses just make sure that your answers are updated every now and then. Some industries that can avail IVR services through telephone answering service providers are as listed beneath.

  • Banking

Financial institutions like banking sector is dependent on IVR systems for customer commitment and to outspread the business into a round the clock operation. Customers find the usage of telephone or smart phone a convenient device to check their balances and transaction histories as well as to make disbursements and transfers. Even though the emergence of online banking or net banking have taken over the banking sector, telephone banking is not dead yet.

  • Medical

IVR software is used by pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations to manage clinical trials and also regulate huge call volumes or data generation. The interactive voice response medium will respond to questions in their preferred language and the responses are recorded at the same time to ratify genuineness. These applications are an inclusive of patient’s randomisation and drug management supply. The patient diaries and questionnaires are recorded with the help of an IVR application.

The IVR system allows customers and patients to anonymously receive data. Several clinics and hospitals have used the IVR applications to allow callers to obtain unspecified access to test results. A medical live answering agent could easily manage this information but the factor of missing out details and privacy problems arises. Therefore to avoid such uncalled hitches medical authorities avail IVR system to avoid probable embarrassment regarding sensitive content, details, information or test results of a patient.

  • Surveying

Massive IVR platforms are mostly used for voting for television game shows which can generate huge call spikes. It is also used by survey organisations to ask subtle questions to the concerned customers. Investigators believe that clients are more comfortable responding to machine rather human interlocutor.

Having a telephone answering service partner for these industries is definitely a cost-saver by default. When it comes to serving and catering customer related queries, computers are more powerful and clever rather than live agents.

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