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4 Different Kinds of Banners and Banner Materials to Choose From

March 6, 2018

Weather resistant, portable and versatile, banners are perhaps one of the most effective promotional tools. The best part is that there are a variety of types, materials, and colors to choose from and they are completely customizable. So, it allows you to basically portray anything that you want the public to see.

But now comes the million dollar question – which one should you choose for your business? My clients come up with this query quite often and all I tell them is that the material and type depend on the application or purpose. If you browse through the website of any reliable and popular sign shop, you will see that there are a lot of options such as Mesh, Fabric, Canvas, Block Out, 13 oz, etc. And there is a high probability of you getting confused since you do not belong to this industry. But worry not, as here I have explained everything in details.

Take a look.

* Outdoor Banners – They are usually huge and are looked at from around 5 to 10 feet away. Hence, the resolution need not be high; you can opt for either 13 oz scrim vinyl or 18 scrim oz vinyl for this one. Outdoors banners are highly effective for trade shows, storefronts, billboards, sporting events, grand openings, school events and much more!

One additional tip that I would like to give you all is that do not commit the mistake of cramming it up with too much of details, as it might simply confuse the onlookers.

And yes, try to get them printed from a print shop which offers fast turnaround.

* Indoor Banners – Now, let’s talk about indoor banners – usually it’s seen from a close distance, somewhere around 2 to 3 feet away and hence, needs higher resolution. The ideal choice would be the banners with one of the sides printed in high resolution on a smooth matte material which has light blocking feature and is around 9 to 10 oz in weight.

* Mesh Banners – Vinyl banners without any support are a big “no-no” when it comes to windy areas and sports fields! Why? Well because it might tear apart and fall on a passerby or simply fold from time to time thereby reducing the readability factor. Hence, the savior, in this case, is Mesh Banners! They come with minuscule holes that will allow the air to pass through, without tearing it or putting too much pressure on the banner.

And if you are thinking if this feature would affect the readability quotient (Well, most of my clients have this doubt in their minds), then let me tell you that no, it does not affect its appeal or readability quotient when viewed from 5 feet away. They are unique and look great!

* Banner Stands – This one is quite similar to the indoor one, but yes, here the edges remain to stay straight! Opt for a smooth block out material for the best outcome. Some of the options you can choose from include the Economy Retractable Banner Stand – 33″, Premium Retractable Banner Stand – 33″, Everyday Retractable Banner Stand – 33″, etc.

So, I hope by now you know quite a bit about banner printing. I always encourage my clients to gain some knowledge about the kinds of banners available in the market before they set ahead to designing the artwork as that would be beneficial for both them and the sign shop they are choosing.

And yes, always get these banners done from a company which prints them in full color with ECO-SOL MAX INK and offers a lot of finishes such as reinforcing the edges of the banners so that they have a very clean and sturdy finish.  Also, ask them about the probable longevity – usually any good company will ensure that it would last for up to 3 years approximately.

Author Bio: Shawn Nag, the owner & founder of PrintPapa, a premier Printing Company in Santa Clara, California, talks about banner printing California in this article. Read his write-ups to know about online printing and catalog printing in California.

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