5 Ways to Boost Agent Productivity in BPO Outsourcing Units

November 30, 2017

There is no denial to the fact that agents are one of the most valuable resources which BPO outsourcing units possess. They’re not just the linking pins between the company and its clients but also are the first point of contact for customers in need. Because of these reasons, their productivity is one of the most important elements for the firm. If the representatives work to the best of their ability, the call center is bound to get successful whereas any kind of inefficiency on their end can cost the company in more ways than one. As a result of this, implementing such practices which boost the productivity of agents isn’t a luxury but a necessity in today’s competitive business world.

In order to help reliable BPO outsourcing units help enhance their output levels, here is a list of five best practices which are a sure shot hit in the industry.

Agents need more than a paycheck:

Though salary is one of the basic needs for which an individual works, there are numerous other incentives which are required by agents. Both monetary and non-monetary benefits play a critical role in ensuring that the firm is able to successfully engage its agents. Also, taking these steps on a continuous steps can help BPO outsourcing units in ensuring that their agents are motivated to significant extents. This is just a misconception that businesses need to incur huge costs in an attempt to keep their agents engaged. Low-cost incentive programs can also work extremely well if they are utilized successfully.

Routing calls to the right agents:

This point works in the favor of BPO outsourcing units in more ways than one. By sending the call to the right agent a call center doesn’t just ensures that customer gets the best assistance but is also able to safeguard that its agents perform efficiently. It is impossible for all agents to have a strong hold across all domains. The freedom to strengthen one base in comparison to others motivates them to dig deep into their area of interest while ensuring that they get a specialization in that. By doing so, they’re able to draft a better career path for themselves.

Supportive systems for seeking answers:

Not having access to information when needed isn’t just frustrating for the agents but also for the customers. The unavailability of such details refrains agents from extending their best support to customers; hence, leading to demotivation. This is the main reason why many BPO outsourcing firms are opting for a comprehensive knowledge base. Such a support system helps agents in identifying solutions immediately thereby extending the best possible assistance to customers. As the database would be having a plethora of information, agents need to learn the art of skimming through details in order to find the ones which work the best for them.

ELearning is the future:

Well-trained staff members are always able to boost the productivity levels. Needless to say, training is one of those vital elements of overall development which doesn’t just prepare the agents for challenges but also assists them in sharpening the axe of their skills. However, agents are generally so occupied with their work that sparing any time for training sessions while ensuring that the productivity targets are met is a colossal task in itself. As a result of this, eLearning modules are the safest bet because they enable the staff members to be present at their desks while getting acquainted with the new advancements which will help them get ready for challenges.

Communication is the key:

One of the most vital attributes which holds the potential of pushing agents towards their productive selves is effective communication. There is so much which goes on in a BPO outsourcing unit and all of that gets channelized through the agents. At such times of excessive pressure, the agents seldom have a choice of deciding the right path and the absence of a proper communication system makes them feel lost, thereby impacting their productivity to significant extents. Managers of call centers need to create a conducive environment which promotes communication at all levels. Also, it gets vital to make the agents feel comfortable in a way which motivates them to put their issues forward.

The productivity of agents is of utmost vitality in a setup like that of BPO outsourcing and the aforementioned practices have been proven to enhance the output of staff members by significant extents.

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