6 Reasons why your company needs a facility management service

July 11, 2017

Running a small business can be a pretty overwhelming experience at times. As a small business owner, you can often times find yourself wearing many hats. However, one of the hats that you don’t want to have to wear is facility manager. If your small business has grown to the point where you have a corporate office, congratulations. This new piece of real estate is going to be one of your largest assets but can also be a huge liability if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. You don’t want to be repairing sinks and cleaning up messes when you should be focusing on your expert skills that got you into business in the first place.

Here are six reasons why your company should hire a facility management service.

Raise productivity by giving your employees the best environment to work in

If your employees are happy where they work, it is almost guaranteed that they are going to be more productive. When your corporate office is running smoothly, your employees will feel comfortable and ready to work. Facility managers will help you keep all of the amenities in your office in top working order along with environmental controls like heating and cooling.

Facility managers know how to maximize value and minimize cost

Investing in a corporate office is one of the largest investments that you will make in your business. However, if you don’t know the ins and outs of property management, this real estate investment can end up costing you more money than you are earning in equity. Commercial real estate investing is unlike residential real estate investing. Simply keeping the temperature at the right level and keeping the lights on can be an extremely expensive task. Facility managers will be able to determine exactly how your office should run in order to maximize your equity growth in your property.

Focus on sustainability

Alternative energy sources and sustainability are becoming the norm in the corporate world. In our modern business world, it is almost frowned upon if your company is not making a conscious effort to move towards sustainability. To avoid negative publicity and gain positive brand recognition, your facility manager can help you make the changes needed in order to make the shift toward sustainability at your corporate office.

Have professionals on call around the clock to help with your offices

There is nothing worse than having to pull yourself away from your personal life after hours to work on your business unexpectedly. As a business owner, this is almost always inevitable. However, after hiring a facility management service, you will not have to worry about late night repairs at the office. This is a huge stress that will be taken off your shoulders.

Eliminate the need to do paperwork

Owning or leasing a corporate office can result in mountains of paperwork. You already have enough paperwork to take care of with the business you currently run. A facility manager will be able to help you take care of the seemingly endless amount of paperwork that comes along with owning a corporate office.

Facility management services can help you with the latest technologies

It is important to always be on the cutting edge when you are running a business. While you might not know about the latest smart thermostats or water saving plumbing options, your facility manager will. They can help you determine which investments in new technology will end up saving you the most money in the long run. These new technologies will help take your business to a whole new level.

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