6 Tips to Enhance First Call Resolution in Phone Answering Service Sector

November 30, 2017

The expansion of technological channels like emails, calls, fax, social media interaction, etc has bridged the communication gap between the dealers and the customers. It has eventually reduced the extent of reach. While the communication gap has been reduced, customers have started to expect an early delivery of their services. This easy communication channel can only be maintained if there are fewer chances of errors. One of the main statistics that can be kept in mind in order to resolve customer’s issue on the very first hand is First Call Resolution technique.

This is a prominent factor that enhances any phone answering service facilities. First call resolution is the rate that analyses whether a customer had this issue resolved on the very first call or not. Usually, it is expected that the first call resolution rates should be as high as possible. The only way to keep the first call resolution high is to attentively attend each call and provide the customer with the required information in order to resolve the issue. For satisfying the increased customer satisfaction level, achieving success in first call resolution has made extremely necessary. Here are some tips that will improve the first call resolution.

Analyse the Loopholes:

As the phone answering service is the biggest medium to contact any customer, it is equally important to handle the customer’s issue on the very first call. If there are frequent patterns of multiple calls denoting the occurrence of the same mistakes, this means that the customer’s issues are not being handled properly. Therefore, it is important to analyse the loopholes in the delivering of the services.

Incorporate Automation to Discover Repeated Calls:

Automation techniques like counting the number of same issue calls or speech recognition software can be used to identify the repeated calls.

Judge your Repeated Calls through Polling:

Enquire your customers if they have already called for the assistance of the same issue or they are the first-timers.

Use Phrase Spotting Techniques to Identify the Repeated Calls:

With the help of keywords or phrase spotting techniques, identify the frequently reported issues such as return policy, billing problem and so on.

Train the Agents to discover the similar issue Reporting Techniques:

While training explains the agents the importance of first call resolution and ways to improve it. Train your agents to control calls, identifying the correct route to identify the root cause of the issue, new products and features introduction and so on.

Take the Assistance of Quality Management Team:

While taking a call, record the calls for quality supervision and take necessary feedbacks to improve the call quality in order to minimise the occurrence of the issue and maximising first call resolution.

Wrapping Up

Improving first call resolution rate is extremely crucial, especially at this point in time where a customer already has plenty of options to opt for. Therefore, maintain a robust phone answering service centre by maximising the rate of first call resolution.

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