An App Or A Website? Factors That Determine Which One To Choose For Your Product Launch

July 5, 2017

Technopreneurs usually face one common problem; whether to launch their product via mobile application or through a website? It’s a tensed situation for them to choose among iOS, Android or WWW.

It’s also the most commonly asked questions from people working in the technology industry, like me. Budding business owners usually seek expert opinion on what media should they use for launching their products? And that whether they should employ their resources for one or all the options available. Nonetheless, one thing for sure is that you don’t build for all three, at the same time, because there are millions of customers waiting on each media and you should concentrate on starting form one initially, that grows further.

The answer to deciding on a platform to launch your product on is not simple anyway. So, in this article I will present to you few factors that will help you decide one for the first interaction of your product with your customer.

The kind of mobile app

So, there are products that naturally define their characteristic and requires less of launch thought process required. For example, if you are building an app that inform users about shortest distance of avoiding traffic congestions on every step then there is absolutely no point of building a website for this purpose. However, it gets trickier when your product holds relevance to both mobile applications and websites.

In such a scenario it is the business owner’s responsibility to decide which media presents the best use case and ideally the more beneficial. What is the best time of your product usage by the customers and will they prefer to use it while in front of the computer screen or on the go are some prerequisites that needs to be answered beforehand? Also, whether your product requires a working internet connection to run seamlessly or it can offer the same user experience when offline.


Product launch are basically rehearsals which are continuous. One product is launched, its tested upon its design, its user experiences and so on and then you get the data regarding the customer feedback. Based on this feedback you bring it back into the development phase and re-iterate it and release.

Now imagine, you are launching your product for the first time and you choose to launch it on multiple platforms at the same time, how tedious it can be. The more platforms you chose to launch, the more effort it will require, thus, lessening your concentration from each of them.

A multi-platform launch is advised only when the product has achieved a prior market fit. The customer knows about the product and is excited to see ad check the upgrades you just made to it. The business owner also has a clear idea as to where these upgrades will take the company.


More platforms all at once means more expenditure, both in terms of money and resources. No matter if your product is a masterpiece created completely in-house or is a result of outsourced development, you require specialized skillsets for each of the different platforms used. The more viable thing to do here is to thoroughly study your product and the profit possibilities that it can bring to you, prior its launch and see what works best in your favor.


And last but definitely not the least challenge that a business owner faces at the time of product launch is the distribution, especially for a mobile application-only product launch is acquiring customers.

Why? Since mobile applications do not have a single place for discovery as websites have; the search engine. Therefore, in order to get featured on Apple or Google on their respective app stores, you need to have taken care of the distribution prior the launch.

For example, if you are planning to launch an application for eateries in your vicinity, try signing up at least 10 eateries in your area, so that when the app is launched and you start the publicity process, the new customers will get something meaningful after they join your mobile app. It’s similar to crowd funding but the idea doesn’t work properly here.

Final word

So, by carefully assessing each point mentioned above a sane business owner would know that there aren’t any set rules to decide for product launch platforms. They are to be decided based upon the product choice and customer preferences, and once a market fit is achieved, you can invest further and move on to explore more opportunities.

In order to cope with the issue, professional web design agencies are there that help clients from all over in creating productive product launch and marketing strategies, so incase a business owner finds it real hard to device a strategy by himself, we have shown them an easy way out.

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