Approaching Customer-Centric Strategy – Important Factors To Count

July 7, 2016
In this digitally-connected world of smart customers, the entire relationship between customers and the call centre companies is getting transformed. It is not a hidden truth that any bad customer experience entails business loss. Besides, it can also tarnish the business repute and revenue streams. This is the main reason why many call centre organisations are pondering about a more “customer-centric” strategy. 
In this blog post, you can find important factors of a customer-centric call centre that helps in providing amazing customer services.
Implement customer-focused leadership: In general, customer-centricity requires a top-down approach. Leading Multi-national Corporation like Oracle developed a position named Chief Customer Officer (CCO), who will be responsible to ensure a consistently incredible customer experiences across all touch points. If you are a SME and don’t have enough budget to hire a CCO, then you can follow below listed takeaways stated by Deloitte:
  • Make a clear vision about what customer-centricity embrace for your international call centre and convey this to your customer care agents.
  • Clear what customer-centricity looks like and train your team by giving concrete examples.
  • Train your team about the impact of changes in business rules and regulations on the customer
  • Ensure that customer care representatives have a voice on your social media networks
  • Encourage and motivate your team by presenting some stories of excellent customer service interactions
  • Ask marketing heads by personally responding to some customer complaints
Understand your customer: Delivering top level customer service requires that you completely understand your customer base and then customize your approach on the basis of customer demands.
To implement this in your customer service operation, check out some suggestions given below:
  • Make a customer insight team that will capture customer data and motivate them to leverage data and pursue with decision making
  • Next thing is, adjust your approach to group customer data so that it will make a great alliance with your customer service strategy
  • Capture in-depth information about each consumer such as address, socioeconomic status, household records etc. This will help you in understanding the customer preferences.
  • Transfer customer data to other departments such as tech support, marketing, sales, etc. so that they can utilize it to make a fine approach with the customers.
  • Make use of efficient call centre software that will display complete information on the screen so that agents will enhance the interactions.
Design the experience: In a path to become a cutting-edge customer-centric call centre, every interaction, right from starting point to the end, should be smooth. Do you know what the perfection called in terms of your customers? It is minimizing customer efforts and maximizing customer value.
Now consider few takeaways:
  • Integrating company values during the time of training. Plus, promoting these values to increase awareness amongst agents will work fine in enriching customer experience.
  • Staffing frontline executives with appropriate knowledge so that your first call resolution rate will increase.
  • Providing seamless experience across all touch points
  • Maintaining a coherent voice across all social media links, print media and website to reduce friction
Involve metrics that matter: Not to forget that data plays an important role in enhancing your call centre’s customer-centricity. In order to make valid decisions that is helpful for your customers, your expert international call centre executives, team leads, and managers must be pointing real-time and historical data.
Customer-centricity can be achieved by:
  • Integrating software that provides comprehensive metrics
  • Allowing your agents with real-time and historical data so that they can make quick decisions that are valid
  • Examining KPIs and make decisions on the basis of these metrics
  • Make a pattern of continuous data-driven improvement
  • Make sure that your metrics are aligned with customer lifecycle and key touch points such as customer life time value, net promoter score, and so on
  • Don’t forget to attach agent feedback and performance assessments to metrics
Feedbacks embarks continuous improvement: When it comes to enhancing customer services, you must accumulate customer feedback and use this information to drive continuous improvements.
Here are a few suggestions that can help you to accomplish this:
  • Organise a team involved into monitoring, analyzing and acting on captured customer feedbacks
  • Monitor customer interactions on social media networks to gain real time insights and respond to their complaints quickly
  • Make use of efficient data mining tools to gain more information about customer feedback. Don’t forget to add this data into your CRM software
  • Integrate a centralized dashboard wherein all agents can upload and access customer feedback details so that they will make data-driven decisions.
In the present time frame, call centres are revamping their strategies sensing the importance of user-centric approach to provide excellent customer-focused services.

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