BPO Outsourcing: What Entrepreneurs should delegate?

February 24, 2018

Currently, outsourcing is one of the most prominent trends in the market. Every business starting from the big players to the minnows and the medium-sized companies that are trying to overrun their competitors are depending on outsourcing to fulfill their business requirements. This blog is however dedicated to the most enthusiastic and some of the most innovative minds in the industry; Entrepreneurs.

Usually, entrepreneurs are the ones that are discreet in nature and believe in ‘one-man army’ concept. This is the reason that most of the entrepreneurs do not rely on another firm or individual to get their work done. We, through this write-up, want to convey a simple message to entrepreneurs; trusted BPO Outsourcing will be beneficial for you.

Although there are few of these lone wolves that do believe in the competence of outsourcing, a majority would still defer from the idea. To make entrepreneurs like you embrace this business strategy, we are going to list some of the statistics (for starters) that will give you reasons to clasp to outsourcing and implement it right away.

  • Stat #1: BPO Outsourcing aid you in trimming the comprehensive costs by 60%
  • Stat #2: Around 78% of the small business owners admitted that outsourcing offers them a competitive edge in the market
  • Stat #3: Only to make your productivity increase by 10 times is by outsourcing

Remember that outsourcing is actually not that convoluted as it was perceived earlier. Thanks to the advent of the internet and accessible communication, finding, choosing and managing an outsourcing partner is not an onerous task. Also, we are not telling you to delegate all your business functions initially, but if you are an entrepreneur or running a startup, then mentioned below are the tasks that are mandatory to handover to a competent third-party vendor.

Lead generation

Do you think your in-house experts spending their time in making cold calls and handling social media daises would be beneficial for your business? Are you sure that your agents or even you will be able to bear a load of multiple rejections in a day and still be prompted to work?

We all know that crafting sales pipeline is momentous for all sort of business. Have you ever thought that finding, qualifying and drawing prospects to your business is a much of tedious and time-consuming task? So, when you decide to contract out a third-party company to find potential customers for your business, you can get closeable leads on a regular basis.

Outsourcing companies that render lead generation services have technologically advanced amenities with them that help the comprehensive process to go smoothly.


Acquiring stupendous communication skills is not a piece of a cake. Simply talking on the phone and influencing a potential customer over the phone are as different as day and night. It’s highly probable that you and your staff are not versed in handling telemarketing requirements of your business.

Outsourcing this function will get you a direct access to a pool of talented telemarketing agents that ensures to convert every prospect into a customer. Transforming the telephone call from customers into a sales call is not an easy task, but these telemarketing experts are a pro at doing so. So entrepreneurs who opt to outsource see a hike in their sales figure.


Not many will agree but the most onerous and demanding job in starting a business is recruitment. It is so important that a good hire can make your company reach success and contrarily a bad one can make you see losses. Finding the perfect people to work for you is as tough as finding a needle in a haystack.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs complain about lack of time and resource to hire employees personally.  Outsourcing can really make a way out for you. You can choose to recruitment process outsourcing or RPO in order to seek, screen and hire the perfect candidates without any obstruction.


You want to start your journey as an entrepreneur. At this stage, if you are hit with onerous tasks such as bank reconciliation, auditing, bookkeeping, payroll process and taxes, you come under a lot of pressure. This distraction from your true purpose of business can lead to the reduction in efficiency of your business.

What outsourcing does is that it offers you the freedom to concentrate only on the core tasks of your business.

Final Takeaway

Entrepreneurs always think that alone they can win the game of business and few times they are right too. But in this brutal competition if you want to succeed and grow without a load on your pocket, then outsourcing is your ultimate course of action. In addition to this, we have also provided the stats and reasons that will aid you in deciding what’s right for your business. In case of any confusion or doubt, reach us in the comment section and let us know your view too.

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