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How Hong Kong Company Incorporation Can Benefit A Business Firm

June 23, 2017

Hong Kong is an international metropolis that offers plenty of facilities to international business firms who are looking to expand their enterprises in this part of the world. Unlike some of the other regions of the world, Hong Kong has a lower tax rate that allows the companies to enjoy greater margins of profits anytime they choose to set up their operations here. Hong Kong also has a free economy and free trade policy, which makes it immensely profitable for business firms to carry out their operations. Companies looking to have an edge over their competitors can easily do so by setting up their centers in Hong Kong. It is due to such factors that Hong Kong enjoys a great status in the world as a major business hub.

Hong Kong has a highly developed infrastructure which makes it all the more easier for international firms to carry out business here. They also have high speed internet and advanced telecommunications which allows business firms to carry out their day to day business activities in a smooth manner. The local government here in Hong Kong takes a welcoming approach to business firms from all over the world. This business friendly environment makes it easier for the companies to settle down here in Hong Kong and benefit from the wide range of financial and infrastructural facilities that are available here.

One of the main reasons why companies from all over the world flock here on a regular basis is that it has a lower tax rate than many of the well developed countries in the world. Basically, a business firm only need to pay 16.5% tax on the net profit and no income tax and VAT is involved in the tax regimen. There are also no taxes applicable for offshore income or income that is not incurred here in Hong Kong. The business firm only needs to pay the taxes once in a year. Such lenient tax laws make it all the more convenient for business firms to operate here. This combined with the easy availability of various commercial resources and facilities makes it easier for business firms to boost their profit margins. Most business firms operating in Hong Kong notice a sharp rise in their profits soon after they settle in Hong Kong.

It is factors like these that have increased the demand for company incorporation Hong Kong services. Generally, any international business firm must be properly incorporated into the local business registry of Hong Kong before they can actually start working on their regular operations. This is a process that is best handled by professionals who are used to offering such services to international firms. A company incorporation services expert can take into consideration the specific needs of an international business firm and can accordingly provide the right kind of guidance to them. They can also take care of all the paperwork associated with the process and make sure that the clients have all the peace of mind that they need to focus on the core operations of the business.

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