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How to Manage Multichannel Customer Service for an Outbound Call Centre

July 14, 2017

Present-day contact centres are employed with the perpetual challenges of incorporating their services through various contact channels and becoming more popular among consumers and changing their level of expectations consistently. Call centres dealing with outbound calls for an organisation are symmetrically expected to be more responsive to the dynamic change in the client’s never ending jungle of demands. These organisations are strained to adopt new methods and technology to meet new customer demands.

Old and worn-out call centre strategies have perished into the dark technological past. It is time for innovation and fresh ideas. Emergence of social media and the changes in telecommunication landscape have shifted traditional land lines towards mobile services. The development of mobile computing and the fallen kingdom of desktop and personal computers are all leading outbound call centres to acquire and embrace fresh multi-channel customer service. These call centres are not belted around traditional voice calls, instead they are expanded to email follow-ups, web interactions, proactive outbound communication and social media. New services are added everyday into this field of business every day. But employing every multi-channel to your business strategy can be at times unmanageable. Therefore, a well-organized approach to implementing the right services is critical to the success of the call centre and its capability to endure a relevant and tactical branch of the business.

A few points mentioned below to manage multichannel customer service for an outbound call centres:

  • Call centre analytics

Call-centre analytics is a key-aspect in understanding the type of services a call centre must offer and when to offer. Changing client needs are steadfast and understanding call drivers through communication analytics will give the contact centre the preliminary point for developing a strategy. A technical support center that conventionally has long call handle times, and consequently long hold times could be implemented into web chat as a resolution, providing direct interaction with the caller’s device and allowing a single agent to handle multiple communications at one time.

  • Understand your customers

To understand your customer is a hard task but accumulating deep knowledge about how to interact with them will help you provide the appropriate channel that you know to be the best. Contact centre managers must implement a strong analytical approach to each and every customer touch point and start unfolding their collective business intelligence. Without a universal view of customer movement across multiple channels, it is difficult to figure their requirements and therefore which channel would be the most suitable for meeting them.

  • Sufficient training for agents

Once the outbound call centres have figured out the channel of personalised contact with their customers, it is important that a sufficient amount of training is imposed on the agents to deliver the right communication with proper plan and strategic commitment. Large call centre agent parks are effective in providing a scalable economy growth that decreases cost and increases access. Agents should be trained to increase the volume of leads through various channels. Managing multi-channel customer services may have a positive impact on the organisation growth if handled efficiently and is handy only with sufficient and adroit training amenities.

  • Conventional IVR selection

The pool of agents is selected at the point of entry through conventional IVR selection system made by the caller. Through traditional IVR selections and a study on how the customer has earlier communicated with the call centre, it may be possible to direct the caller looking for technical support through web chat in order to have his/her issue resolved promptly and in a more personalised manner.

In the ever-changing environment of markets, implementation of new customer service channels has become a mandate revolutionary step for all outbound call centres. Achieving successful selection and arrangement of these new channels depending upon call drivers clarity and customer responses can only be attained over business aptitude and analytics.  Overview of a customer’s demand allows call centres to deal with outbound calls and choose the impeccable channel to utilise those them at the right moment for the right customer with the right representative!

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