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Questions To Ask Your Business Litigation Attorney Lawyer Before Hiring

March 16, 2018

If you are about to start a business, then there are a lot of legal things that you must tackle. So there is a need for business litigation attorney Fort Lauderdale to handle all kind of legal problems. As he is a litigator he must be intelligent enough and should be ready to think out of the box. There are some key questions that you must ask your litigation attorney before hiring them.

  • What are your charges for representation? Do u bill hourly, if yes how often your bill? What are the hourly rates? What are the things that you bill for? Do you provide a quotation with all the charges included in it? Are there any hidden charges?
  • Who will be handling the issue? Is it the business attorney Fort Lauderdale or he will pass it on to his delegate or associate or paralegal?
  • There are some routine things which will cost a lot if they bill on an hourly basis, so will they do it for low cost? Or may give those tasks to their assistants.
  • Do you have experience in tackling this kind of cases earlier? As a litigation lawyer, it is important for the lawyer to have experience in handling various types of cases.
  • What are policies for communication in your firm? If we have any questions about the case, how should we contact you? What are your available timings? How often will you provide us updates regarding the progression of the case? Do you respond to emergency situations or there is only scheduled a time to contact you?
  • How recognizable are you in the jurisdiction where the case has been handled? It is better if the business attorney Fort Lauderdale is familiar with the staff of the court, opposing counsel, judge, and court. If you don’t want your attorney to be familiar with the court, then you can select such type of lawyer.
  • Do you find any weak points in the case? Do you want to share any concerns about the case? If the lawyer isn’t interested in sharing the details with you, then it is better to not hire such a person as it is important to know each and every detail of the case.


These are some questions that will give you an idea about the business litigation attorney. As you are selecting a person who is going to handle all the legal issues of your company, it is important for both of you to build a rapport and connect with each other.

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