Small Business Ideas for Lucknow with Low Investment

April 13, 2018

Uttar Pradesh is one of the states to have emerged as a power to be reckoned with, ever since Noida began to be developed as an IT hub. Being one of the largest states in India, it also means that the state has extensive human resources, which with the right push can lead to many a successful business. Now with business loan in Lucknow quite easily available from major financers like Bajaj Finserv and others, the people here can finally think of starting their own business, many of which can be started with a small capital investment. Here are some ideas:

  • Manufacturing Detergent Powder: Detergent Powder is definitely one of most used items and something that constantly needs to be manufactured and supplied. It is one of those products which will always be in need so the business going out of work is very rare. Moreover, it does not take lot to start making detergent and one could start small, even in a very limited space. All it takes is a few items of machinery to weigh and mix the various ingredients in right amounts and a packing system, which can also be done manually.
  • Clothing boutiques: The local handicrafts and the handiwork of the craftsmen and tailors of UP, especially in and around Lucknow is quite popular and they can be used to the best advantage. Handmade fabrics have great demand but difficulty of accessing them makes them more expensive. One can tap in this potential of the common people who are good at their work and one can start with a tailoring shop and then move up gradually.
  • Fruits and Vegetable Items: This part of the country is sold very high on pickled items and harvesting local produce for pickles can prove to be a very good business. Indian rural folk have always mastered the art of sun drying fruits and raw vegetables and making pickles out of them. It is also a time consuming process because of which the urban people do not indulge in making them anymore. Making the right pickles can gain a lot of customers and it is one of those business ideas which require very little capital.
  • Livestock Feed: Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest producers of milk in the country and the cattle for milking and farming have to be constantly fed because of which making cattle fodder is a hugely lucrative business that can be started with very little investment. Cattle fodder requires little investment but one should also take a good deal of care before venturing into it as it requires the perfect mixing of ingredients to ensure that health of the cattle.
  • Recruiting Agencies: With business loan in Lucknow, one can now look forward towards opening one’s own recruitment agency. UP has a large man power and the youth of the state today do not just want to pursue the conventional employment opportunities. They want to work in the IT sector and they also want to travel to other states. A consulting service or recruitment agency will help you tap this talent and one basically needs no investment than renting an office space and an internet connection to go through online job portals. 
  • Travel Agency: Uttar Pradesh has a lot of beautiful sights and scores of people come here every day to see the Taj Mahal especially. One can open a travel agency to help the tourists who want to travel the state and not only can one start one’s own business, they can also be in a position to give employment to others by hiring local enthusiastic boys as tour guides. Opening a travel agency requires very little investment as just an office space is enough in the initial days and a zeal to scout locations and make arrangements.
  • Book Binding: While larger printing presses tend to do most of the job, book binding in smaller towns is still a very good business. One can look for tie ups with smaller publishing houses and printing houses and then start with manual book binding. A small capital is enough in most cases to bring the lose pages, bind the books and then send them back again to the warehouses.

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