July 10, 2017

Australia is not only a beautiful and wild place renowned as a major driving with chill music in your car and may be a lightened cigarette, camping with your friends, backpacking and road trip destination. Not only that it is also a growing education hub also with lot of students around the world visiting every year to attained different schools and universities. If one you are looking forward to enjoy a lucky evening at the Sydney Opera House with your partner or for an undergraduate degree at the Queensland University, then consulting Migration Agent Perth is the best way to start your journey.

To visit Australia there are quite a number of visas available depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. Only the lucky ones residing in New Zealand can have a ‘special visa’ on arrival. Here, in Migration Agent Perth your purpose of visit are well looked upon to provide the best service for you. There are various numbers of visas available depending on the traveler. The traveler must be pretty clear for his actual purpose of visit the country in order to receive the right service.

The number of visas that are available you need to keep in check are:
1. Visa for holiday or vacation purpose. This visa is given to individuals who are visiting for a short tour of the country or to their friends and families residing in Australia.

2. Student Visa is required for individuals looking forward to pursue a degree from Australian college and also for one accompanying the student.

3. Working Visa is for the individuals involving a particular set of skill that is required in the respective field. The Government has enlisted few such skills where the individual can look upon to apply.

4. Individuals looking forward for a short business trip to Australia that may relate to general enquiries about expanding business or a business conference may apply for the business visa.

5. You can apply for permanent resident visa if you are willing to settle in the country may be for the purpose of your job or maybe you are post rock fan.

6. Other than the above given visas there are other types of visas which are available for individuals depending on their need  such as for the parent child or other family member, retirement visa, if you are resident and planning to return to settle in the country(for re-entry of people permanently residing in Australia), Transit visa(for traveling to other countries through Australia),refugee, partner, fiance or spouse migrating to Australia as partner or spouse, for the purpose of training, for receiving proper medical treatment(in case of emergency case, if a person needs to be shifted to Australia for urgent medical support), if you are a crew member of an airline or other ship, there are also different visas available for extending someone’s stay due to urgency or for venturing round more.

For any details regarding the different types of visas available related to your visit in Australia feel free to contact Migration Agent Perth anytime. They are the one best suited to guide you through all your queries starting from custom and other rules and regulations involved. Migration Agent Perth is there to guide you anytime of the day to fulfill all your needs to your full satisfaction and make your visit worthy to remember.

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