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The process of choosing the best caterers

June 29, 2017

Finding the best catering service in Mumbai, is an essential aspect of any important event. Be it a wedding, family or corporate gatherings, the services of a caterer are needed at all points. There is no standard protocol for caterers in Mumbai, and anyone can start their business. Hereby we illustrate a few points on how to choose the best caterer so that the food is a memorable affair for all the guests in the party.

Pay attention to the word of mouth publicity

 No amount of advertisement is a replacement for the word of someone whom you trust. If a friend or a relative recommends you, then it is the caterer that you need to trust. Along with it bad reviews should be paid attention as well.

Schedule a session of tasting

Caterers who provide food for large events, should provide you with tasting options, in the hope of getting a large contract. You need to keep in mind that the testing will be with the best products that the caterers can produce. There is a huge difference in preparing a meal for 2 people in comparison to 200 people.

Do consider the specialty of the caterer

Some caterers specialize in handling large scale events and have the professional expertise to deal with it. This means in terms of equipment along with the necessary infrastructure. The other caterers do specialize in small scale or social events. The best caterers in Mumbai should be able to do it all, and chances are that they do not excel in all of them.

Consider the type of services you would need

Some caterers will only prepare and deliver the food that you will need. They may even go as far as to set it up. In the case of others, they have trained staff to help you in the process. If you are having a corporate party, you would love to have trained personnel to take care of your guests. Feel free to ask the catering company on whether they have their own staff or whether they are outsourcing it from an agency. When it is from an agency you can ascertain the fact that the catering company is not equipped to handle large contracts.

Check out for references

When you are outsourcing your single food requirement to a single company, it is important to ask them for references. Do not just ask them to hand over names, instead ask them for references of recent events which they have conducted.

Do enquire about the freshness of food

Many caterers cut corners, when it comes to food preparation, by relying on the use of frozen products. Fresh is always best and the reason on why they are charging you is because of this only. Insist on a caterer who provides you with fresh food and not frozen.

Get in touch with the local health department.

Most of the catering companies are subject to regulations or licensing and you can get in touch with the respective departments about their history. This may include records of inspections, issues or any form of complaints. This is usually public information and if the catering company you are planning to hire, has any form of violations or complaints then you need to look somewhere else.

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