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Things to consider before hiring Inbound Call Center Services

March 5, 2018

Everybody wants a sterling level of service experience for their customers. Some manage to build an internal team to offer an astounding level of customer experience while others decide to outsource their inbound requirements from a proficient third-party. Although we can tell millions of reason to why your business should handover the inbound requirements to an outsourcing company, this blog is going to be all about how you should hire a competent partner.

Inbound call center services are extremely momentous to your business as these represent your relationship with your customer base. So be very careful and consider the mentioned below aspects that will help you in choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business.

Resource and knowledge angle

  1. Ensure to note whether the outsourcing company has ever handled a similar project as yours previously. Request the call center to show the documents of previous clients. This offers you the chance to get an idea about the proficiency of your would-be outsourcing partner. You can also match up your business demands with the manner in which call center work.
  2. See, whether the call center wanting to be your outsourcing partner has ever executed a successful campaign in the past. Assess the training schedule of the call center agents and keep a close eye on hiring procedures. Ask the inbound call center to provide the blueprints of its strategy which will help you achieve the best return on investment (ROI).
  3. It is also imperative to find out how the outsourcing firm checks the performance of its agents. Track the closing rate and find what sort of strategies are set by the call center to identify and fix its sales criterions.
  4. Prior to selecting an outsourcing company, you should always consider the following parameters:
  • What is the type of dialer used by them?
  • Check the swiftness and dependability of internet connection
  • See the security measures taken to prevent any breach of data
  • Find out whether the call center adheres to the PCI standards
  • Ask about the quality control practices adopted by the company
  • How proficient are their agents?

Call Center details

It is quite substantial that call center you partner up with is providing you with the timely reports that offer you great insight into its performance. Customarily, a call center offers its client with a sales report, call summary report and a call ousting report.

A typical call center report includes the information regarding:

  • Number of incoming calls
  • Average hold time of the campaign
  • Total talk time of the campaign
  • The total number of abandoned calls
  • The total number of short calls

A call deposition or ousting report incorporates the listed details about:

  • Number of sales call
  • Total customer service calls
  • General inquiry calls
  • Cancellation calls
  • Shipping inquiry calls

Last but not the least, sales report consists of details concerned with sales made during the day along with information about the sort of product sold.

Final Stride

You should always keep a close eye on the way the call center agents are handling the customer calls. To do so, make a random call to the respective call center and make a note of the mannerism of inbound agents. If the agents are polite enough and are genuinely offering you the solution in the least possible time, then the outsourcing company is a good choice for your business.

Apart from this, it is also critical that minimum or no noise level is maintained during the call. Note if the voice is echoing or if you are able to hear other agents too who are sitting nearby the agent addressing you. To attain maximum results, following aspects should be contemplated closely by you:

  1. What is the response time of the agents?
  2. How long it takes to get the call pick up?
  • Are the agents persuasive enough in the interaction?
  1. Is there any background interference?

Wrapping up

Acquiring an ideal provider of reputed inbound call center services is a big task as it will represent your brand and will be the voice of your business. All the above-mentioned points should be scrutinized while selecting an outsourcing company for your business. For any further query or doubt, feel free to reach us in the comment section.

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