Use the Flat Fee Brokerage Houses for Making Your Trades in the Market

June 16, 2017
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The lure of sudden riches has brought ruin to many people. Indeed, most of the traders in the market today lose money. Not that the market is making them lose money but because the immense pressure of dealing with big money makes everyone make mistakes. The whole world of trading has become simpler with the advent and expansion of the internet that has put the world of trade into everyone’s computer and phone.

Broker and his fees

Get a good broker and you are half the way home. But, where is home? Most of the standard trading houses give the traders the chance to copy the best traders. This makes your trades safe and you might make money. But, what about the brokerage you pay? One might want to choose the cheapest brokerage for stocks but one must consider the returns before one invests in the stocks.

Stock trading and fees

So, you have those pet stocks that make money for you. Alright, they are the nest eggs that make your day grow bright each day. You can trade from anywhere, you only need a connection to the internet and a device that will take you to your trading website. You can stay back and watch your money grow. You need to know something about the stocks you pick and the way the market heads to be sure that your investment will make a profit for you.

The brokers charge a percentage of the transaction meaning that you might pay lakhs of rupees if you use a traditional broker. They are the people who take 0.5% of the transaction value. So, what is the solution? You can use the discount brokers.

Flat fee brokers

These are the new breed of brokers who take something like Rs 15 – Rs 20 per transaction amounting from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000. Compare this to the 0.5% of the Rs 20,000 deal that comes to Rs 100. Though you might dismiss that as something insignificant, the difference totals up over time and becomes something big at the end of the year.

Of course, one wants to put the cheapest brokers as the best stockbrokers online but where does one go from there? The cheapest ones are the discount brokers of course. The extra advantages of using this type of brokerage for your stock market trading is that you do not have to worry about calculating the brokerage each time you make a deal. Besides, the brokers like cover all the exchanges so you can trade on all the exchanges.

Dependable customer service

The customer service in these trading houses are better.s They do not worry about the brokerage but are intent on seeing you make a huge sum of money. That is always a good feeling. Also, you do not have to pay as much tax as you would if you use the traditional brokers.

The key to making money is knowing when to stop. If one makes this important step, most of us could make lots of money. Of course, a strong and stable software for making the trades also helps.

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