Want a Healthy Backyard Pond? Here’s the Top 3 Tips on What to Do during the Summer

July 8, 2016

No one wants a grimy pond with sickly fish and wilting plants. But that’s what summertime can do to an otherwise lush and healthy backyard pond. To prevent this from happening, special care needs to be taken during the summer months. Follow the 3 summer tips below for a healthy backyard pond.

Keep Plants under Control

Summer is the time for major growth for most species of aquatic plants. This can be nice to help fill out your water garden, but you must be careful that they don’t take over the entire surface of the pond. If your plants are getting out of control, hand-pick the oldest or most dried up patches to leave room for new growth.

Leave anything you pluck by the edge of the pond overnight. If there happen to be any pond wildlife hiding in the foliage, they can escape back to the water before you toss the dead plants.

Combat Backyard Pond Evaporation

Naturally, as the summer weather warms the water of your pond, more water will evaporate throughout the day. This can lead to dangerously low water levels if you have fish or aquatic plants. There are two main ways to combat evaporation.

First, prevent excessive evaporation by keeping a portion of the pond shaded. Adding some small trees near the edge of the pond can add to the beauty of your backyard pond while being an effective way to reduce summer evaporation.

Second, replenish the pond’s water supply regularly. It is best to collect rainwater for this, but if it is a very dry summer you may have to use tap water. In that case, it is better to add small amounts of water more often, to prevent wildlife from being shocked by the cold tap water. If you do add tap water, we highly recommend that you use a Chlorine Remover to get rid of any harsh chemicals.

Keep Fish Well-Fed and Oxygenated

Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water. Add to that the fact that fish and other wildlife are usually more active in the summer, and you could easily wind up with under-oxygenated fish or plants.

Pumps, fountains, and bubblers are all great ways to keep the water in your backyard pond moving. This, in turn, keeps fresh oxygen circulating through the water. Fountains have the added bonus of being an attractive aesthetic feature.

Once you know what to do, it is easy to follow these summer tips for a healthy backyard pond. A few extra minutes of pond maintenance per week is all it takes to keep your fish, plants, and your entire pond ecosystem happy and healthy. And the healthier your pond, the more you and your family will enjoy it.

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