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What Is the Cost of Tree Removal and What Factors Affect It?

March 28, 2018

It is great to have trees around the property but too much of it can cause a nuisance. Trees at the backyard and garden can improve the environment and fill the air with fresh oxygen. Trees are life savers as the roots tend to hold the soil to restrict soil erosion. At times, these lifesavers become life takers. So, tree removal becomes a necessity. People must remove old and decayed trees that are rotting. Rotting trees implies weak branches, barks and roots. It can also spread the disease to the other healthy trees they have a disease.

Old, decayed and diseased trees need to be eliminated from the site under any circumstance. If the weak and decaying trees are not removed, they may fall at anyone causing accidents and injuries. During the storm and torrential rain, weak trees may fall easily on others. It may also cause significant damage to a property. Dangling branches or weak plantations become a major threat to the existing properties around. It is a major threat to life and property alike. If you take up tree removal services, the first thing you will wonder about is the pricing. The charges for removing the tree are dependent on the height, the position, the number of branches and the overall width of the stump. It also depends on the tools that will be required. 

The typical price of tree removal service 

On the surface level, the task of cutting the tree may seem easier but it is not so. You must call a professional for help. If the tree is small and rises to just 30feet, the cost would be around $125-$400 depending on the work that is required. It all depends on the city utility line, the clearance that is needed. But, if the tree is medium sized or between 40-60 feet, the cost might come around to $200-$1000. The cost of cutting a large tree is much more than a smaller and medium-sized tree. If the tree is more than 100 feet in height, the cost will come around to $1200-$1500. 

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Factors to consider before starting tree removal 

Before the work begins, several factors need to be taken into account. To cut down the tree, firstly the tree has to be brought down to the level of the stump. You have to chip it and then haul off the leaves and branches. The trunk should be cut into smaller pieces. If the professional needs to cut the stump, he will have to use a different set of tools. Now, this machinery has to be factored into the cost. When it comes to the roots, they are not normally factored in the pricing. Roots that are closer to the stump may be cut easily along with the stump. You have to bear extra charges if you want the stump to be removed completely. Landscape companies use the wood splitter to remove the trunk and for this, they charge extra dollars. In case, the trees are near to the building, they cannot be cut down using the common tools. The end, that is required to be chopped, has to be roped. The tree cutting professional will be tying a rope to the end that needs to be chopped. Before cutting any tree closer to the utility line, make sure you summon the utility company for an inspection.

Stump grinding and reducing the stump into a sawdust is an essential part of tree removal. If the stump is large and needs to be grinded, a charge of $200-$300 needs to be borne. If the stump is small, the charge will be around $50. So, it all depends on the level of work that needs to be done.

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