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Whiplash Compensation What Arethe Average Claim Values

September 15, 2016

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in car accidents, however it can also be caused through contact sports and on theme park rides. If you have suffered whiplash and you are thinking about making a claim, you should seek legal advice, so that you can become better informed about your rights and how strong your claim really is.
Below, we have prepared information relating to average claim values for whiplash, to help you work out how much compensation you may be entitled to.
Whiplash grades
Whiplash injuries are rated on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being minor and 4 being severe. The average for whiplash compensation depends on the grade of whiplash diagnosed. Here is everything you need to know about whiplash grades and compensation:
Grade 1 whiplash
Grade 1 whiplash is minor whiplash. The only symptoms of this type of whiplash are pain and discomfort. Because of this this, grade 1 whiplash can be difficult to diagnose, although doctors tend to take their patient’s word for it. Pay-outs for grade 1 whiplash range from £1,000 to £2,500. However, you may be owed more depending on your circumstances.
Grade 2 whiplash
Grade 2 whiplash is moderate whiplash. The symptoms of grade 2 whiplash are heightened pain and discomfort, and musculoskeletal signs of injury, such as bruising around the affected area. Pay-outs for grade 2 whiplash range from £2,500 to £6,500. However, with regards to grade 2 whiplash the longer the recovery period the more you can claim.
Grade 3 whiplash
Grade 3 whiplash is severe whiplash. The symptoms of grade 3 whiplash are pain and discomfort that is completely unmanageable without strong pain killers. There will also be musculoskeletal and neurological signs of injury. Pay-outs for grade 3 whiplash range from £5,500 to £15,500, depending on the recovery period and the patient’s prognosis.
Grade 4 whiplash
Grade 4 whiplash is extreme whiplash and it is the highest grade possible. The symptom of grade 4 whiplash is severe neck trauma, where there is a dislocation or fracture. Due to the lengthy recovery period needed for such an injury, pay-outs for grade 4 whiplash commonly exceed £20,000 and it is not uncommon for patients to receive over £30,000.
How will my grade be determined?
This will be determined through a medical examination set up by your solicitor. The examination will likely take place in a private clinic, or if you are unable to attend the examination yourself for medical reasons, it can take place in the hospital, at your local GP surgery, or at home. The examiner will attempt to establish the nature of your injuries, the extent of your injuries and a recovery period and prognosis for the future.

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