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Why Safety Mirrors Are Important For Workplaces

September 19, 2016

Work related injuries can occur any time and completely subvert an employee’s chances of regaining previous physical ability. Oftentimes, the root culprit is the lack of visibility that leads to frequent mishaps. According to various studies, collisions resulting from low visibility plus reduced reaction time cause severe injuries among employees at industrial worksites. These unwanted and untoward incidents can easily be thwarted by installing safety mirrors in the right places to reduce blind spots and low visibility in a particular area. Frequently overlooked, safety mirrorsare an effective and inexpensive way toprevent accidents and implement safety norms and regulations.Safety mirrors have become very useful in a plethora of environments in which safety is of paramount importance. Safety mirrors are produced with lightweight materials, whilst maintaining functionality and strength. There are various kinds of safety mirrors such as check point mirrors,dome mirrors, traffic mirrors or observation mirrors that can improve safety for your employees. Let’s have a look at some aspects that make safety mirrors an integral part of workplaces. 
Convex mirrors
The most important type of safety mirror, a fish eye mirror or a convex mirror, is a curved mirror comprising of a reflecting surface. The curved mirror’s surface can either form a conclave by bulging inwards or outwards forming a convex. In convex mirrors, the surface bulging outwards provides with the view of a larger workspace or area. That is why, convex mirrors are the staple mirrors installed in hallways or spacious work areas of buildings.

Convex mirrors are generally mounted on ceilings or walls in and aroundintersecting hallways. Moreover, convex mirrors can be used outside ondriveways and alleys, roads, etc. to provide safety in places that suffer from minimal visibility problems. Convex mirrors are available in several sizes and shapes and can be purchased from online portals at relatively cheap prices!
Beneficial in various work environments
Safety mirrors are renowned for coming in handy during production/manufacturing process. For instance, whilst working on a conveyor belt, a safety mirror can help you view the product from a different angle. Additionally, safety mirrors or convex mirrorsinstalled at crossings or blind spots help employees to be more aware of the approaching heavy machinery coming their way. By using safety mirrors, not only can you increase your productivity,but also prevent lethal accidents.
Impeccable Visibility option
One of the most common types of road accidents in and around workplaces are vehicular collisions especially in areas such as crosswalks, entrances, exit-ways, driveways, etc. Safety mirrors provide a panoramic view of an area, give you a view around the corner, and help you view an area from different angles.
Other types of safety mirrors
The most common safety mirrors are traffic and industrial mirrors. Traffic mirrors, also known as driveway mirrors, are used to ensure safety on the road. These mirrors are best fit for private lanes and public roads where space is limited, especially in and around parking lots, shopping centre’s or even private exit roads!Traffic or driveway mirrors are the optimal solution wherever you want extra safety for transport in public. Additionally,in places where blind spots are a common hazard,driveway or traffic mirrors are the ideal choice.

On the other hand, industrial mirrors are commonly used in production areas where the driver has limited visibility and traffic safety is the primary concern. These mirrors increase a person’s attention to hazardous surroundings/areas in places such as warehouses or production environments. Besides traffic mirrors and industrial mirrors, shop mirrorsare another offshoot of safety mirrors that provide surveillance in smaller areas, such as shops. These mirrors are renowned for giving an overview of a work space and further help in the supervision of production lines. Ashop mirror is a curved mirror that enlarges the view of an area to give you a closer look within a limited viewing distance.

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