Why to go for property insurance?

July 16, 2017

Most of the people overlook the fact that property insurance is one of the things that doesn’t have any weight age in their lives. The basic aim of getting your property insured is to safeguard your losses if any loss incurred. Various insurance companies provide you a comprehensive package for having property insurance. Imagine a scenario that you have your own clumsy and comfortable house having no insurance. But unfortunately it came under siege of natural calamity. Now what can you do except paying for the damage all by yourself. This is the reason why to consider having property insurance at hand so that you can easily be compensated with your loss as soon as possible.

Some of the people prefer not to involve in any sort of insurance because they were forced to sign various contracts while insuring their properties. Mortgage contract is considered the most vital one and even some insurance companies consider it mandatory in order to fill in the insurance contract. However the US laws require some form of liability insurance before going for property insurance. In liability insurance the person who was responsible for any mishap would pay for the damage as well as medical expenses. So fortunately, wherever you will sign up for liability coverage, you would also get insurance of property. Hence it makes the deal sound pleasing and profitable on long-term basis.

On the other hand, most of the people don’t know a thing or two about the perils’ coverage policy. As per National Association of Insurance Commissioners, around one third of the people believe that any damage incurred by flood would be covered by standard insurance policy. More than fifty percent think that the policy would back them up against any water line break. And thirty five percent think that it would cover earthquake. Actually natural calamities; like, floods, earthquake, act of war, meld and parts of property which have covered their useful life. However earthquake and flood require separate policies. The policies are applied for events which are spontaneous, accidental and sudden. It doesn’t include possible damages of leaking water which is a slow and easily avoidable process.

Although some perils are covered in standard policies; like, theft, fire, hail and wind (damage incurred by hurricanes or tornadoes). Also there are other technicalities associated with the liability coverage. Say it was an accidental fire which was due to your part of negligence because you kept your charcoal grill were unattended or it could be any other reason. What’s now? Unfortunately you would be going to pay for the losses. Consider another situation in which you were on some vacations and accidentally some thieves broke into your house and stolen your precious jewels. What can insurance companies do now? First of all, get yourself titled for some reimbursement. Afterwards report the theft and gather some evidence that those jewels really belonged to you. After filing a report present your case in front of the insurance officer.


Property insurance in Dubai initially looks like a burden on your budget. But in real it is the thing that can serve you thousands of dollars in the future. However there are several factors or coverages which make the insurance different from other forms of insurance. By knowing those coverages and their subsequent limitations you can easily get a hold on insurance related issues.

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