Advantages of solving previous years paper

June 23, 2017

The Internet is the modern way of learning and the moment you start browsing the internet to find a perfect book or guide to prepare for four medical exams, you’ll notice websites flooded with articles on ‘How to prepare for PMT’, ‘Tips to improve your NEET rank’, and much more. None of these websites are giving you false advice. As there can be multiple ways to solve a single problem and consequently there are multiple ways to crack PMT. Self-study, taking classes in a good coaching institute and dedication, all are the basic method to carry on preparation. Other than these conventional methods of preparation, solving aiims previous year question papers or mock test series can be a great helpful in multiple ways. Below are mentioned some of the top benefits of practicing neet 2017 sample papers that will assure your ticket to the glorious colleges of medical.

Teaches You Time Management Skills

Practicing sample papers helps the students in understanding the pattern of the exam. It enables the students to take time-bound tests that serve them to ascertain how much time they used on an average in solving a problem. PMT sample papers also help circumvent states where students might be stuck for several minutes deliberating over a single low-scoring problem and thereby ignoring other high-scoring problems. By knowing about their actual speed, students can enhance their time management skills and do well on the exam day.

Evaluates The Level of Preparation

Once you have completed and revised the syllabus of 12th standard, you should start with practicing last years’ papers. By solving mock test papers, you can evaluate your proficiency for the medical exam. Moreover, it benefits a student to get a strong command over a particular subject, helps to find out the strong and weak areas. Consistent practice with the periodic monitoring of your performance helps you to get better.

Help to Terminate the Exam Fear

The main objective of practicing is that it helps in terminating the scary thoughts (fever) out of the student’s mind. Students usually get scared of facing the exam that they end up getting giving the wrong answer to easier questions. Solving sample papers helps you to get rid of the exam fever and also helps you in giving your 100%.

Boosts Confidence

According to the experts, practicing previous years’ papers gives confidence to the students and enhances their examination character. Practicing more and more previous year’s medical questions in a specified predetermined time helps the student to understand what it might feel like sitting in the examination hall. The more you practice the better you become and chances of finishing the paper on time increases.

Competitive exams such as PMT and NEET want more than simply learning the theories and practicing the previous questions are important. As the questions are always twisted and they never ask a question straightforward in nature, practicing previous year’s paper helps you to recognize what you are going to face. In such a case, practicing previous year’s paper is always a great help to score excellent marks.

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