Aged Care Certificate Perth: So what is the Certificate III in Individual Support?

January 3, 2018

Do you have the devotion to help the elderly and the disabled? Want a carer which makes a difference in people’s lives in need.

Aged care is a fast growing industry, whose average human life expectancy was never before. The aging population is making a wealth of opportunities with educational qualifications. The rapidly growing number of older Australian people means that by 2019, more than 50,000 jobs will be inaugurated in aged care.

This course show the role of the workers in the community and/or residential settings, which provide individual-centered support to provide an individual’s personal plan, which may require support due to age, disability or any other reason.

Work involves the use of discretion and judgment in respect of personal support, as well as taking responsibility for the output of self. Along with some theoretical knowledge of the concepts and practices required, workers have the technical, procedural and realistic knowledge to provide individual-centered support.

This course is suitable for students who are interested in community service area. They have the desire to learn practical hands with an approach and at the minimum level, there is minimal knowledge and skills to study, at the minimum level of an AQF level 2 graduations. Students will need appropriate physical features for workplace experiences within the aged care industry, which involves manual management of equipment and customers.

There are no formal admission requirements or prerequisites for this course. However, students like this:

Are 18 years old or older
Sound language and literacy skills (at least 10 years, or even equivalent)
Basic computer skills

All students will have to complete professional appointment as part of this course so that their skills and knowledge can be developed in the care of older persons.

To get your qualification, you will need to start a contact with a registered and approved aged care facility and work at least 120 hours and up to 240 placement hours. This allows you to gain practical industry and work experience, where you have to learn how to apply the lessons that you learn during your training.

The Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) enables you to play a role in aged, community and residential facilities. Once enrolled, you can consider additional training to supplement your aged care skills with courses.

Graduates of this course are also eligible for enrollment in certificate IV;- Aging Support. This course allows you to advance your career and pursue roles including assistant host supervisor, care supervisor, care team leader, day activity worker, hostel supervisor and program coordinator – social program.

In the Aged Care Certificate Perth, you have to focus more on how to empower old people, support dementia patients and meet the needs of individual help. In addition, during our aged care courses, you will learn more general skills to work effectively in the community area and to communicate, follow the security procedures and to comply with the information requirements of the elderly and community care areas.

With the capability to provide individual-centered support while meeting their needs for elderly people for their respected care, you can take different types of entry-level roles such as personal care, traveler care worker or housing support worker. This qualification provides the important knowledge necessary to meet the needs of the elderly while helping them to empower them to fulfill their life.

Australia’s aging population means that efficient and kind care workers in the future will be increasingly important. By completing Aged Care Courses Perth, you will acquire the skills to explore a rewarding role in this important area.

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