Creative Culture as the New Dimension of the HRM

July 4, 2017

Like everything else, the human resources management also keeps evolving. Though creativity is not thought to be a part of the human resources management. It very well is. Creativity is pushed to a corner when it comes to the capabilities the human resources management team must have. But inculcate it in your behavior as HR leaders and soon you will know the difference it makes.

The recent trend is to shape work environment of the employees according to their needs and asking them the needs and not to assume what they need. The experiences, the performance management, the goals are quite in contrast to the individualities and idiosyncrasies of the people. This is detrimental to the growth of the employees and when the employees’ growth is hindered, the growth of the companies become stagnant. In smaller organizations and startups it is utterly difficult because of the economic constraints to maintain an HR team. Nonetheless, it doesn’t reduce the importance of robust HR policies for them.

Development of an office culture lies very much on the shoulders of the HR leaders. Failing to do so is the failure of the entire organization. The human resource development must include leadership development classes which can help employees develop a leadership quality in them. The top performers can be prepared for the future leadership roles and responsibilities like team lead and manager with the training and classes in leadership development.

A large number of people can be delivered the classes as space and the number of trainers available is not a constraint. The progress can be assessed continuously with the help of computerized testing programs. Feedback and review become easy with the online methodologies which can come effective in the performance review.

Here is how leadership development and human resource development can be done efficiently by the HR leaders:

  • Defining the relationship boundaries with different employees
  • Paying attention and helping resolve the issues and challenges of the teams. Receive feedbacks from people about your performance and try to improve on these areas
  • Help managers in the implementation of the action plan and increasing the capabilities as the leaders
  • Different focus on each employee to let each individual grow professionally
  • Listening is as important as guiding others. Help people realize their vision and mission of any project
  • Rewarding people with the right compensation in accordance with their work ethics and discipline
  • Providing new opportunities to the employers who are needed to be pushed for professional growth
  • Establishing an environment of continuous development
  • Leading by examples. Lead from the front professionally as well as personally

The human resource management is essentially about talent acquisition, talent retention, compensation, benefits, employee engagement, employee welfare, and exit. When you reach the top of the human resource development as one of the human resources leaders- you recognize that these are not the only attributes of the HRM but it is a vast phenomenon which requires different qualities without which people management will never be successful.

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