Here 5 steps you can follow to find the best school for your child.

February 9, 2018

Choosing a school for your child is one the biggest decisions you’ll have to make as parents. It’s a decision that will decide the kind of individual your child will grow up to be.

It’s also a decision that can become a little tricky without the right research, planning and guidance; the kind of guidance this article aims to provide you by highlighting 6 steps you can follow to choose among the best schools in Gurgaon.

1. Step one is to get a form a consideration set.

You’ll need to first make a list of schools to compare between. One way to find your options is to access your internet browser, type ‘Gurgaon best schools’ and hit enter!

Within literally milliseconds, you should find bloggers that have listed the top schools in Gurgaon along with some websites for the leading schools in Gurgaon.

2. Next, find factors that you should compare these schools against.

Searching for ‘Gurgaon best schools’ on the internet should have helped come up with a good list of schools you can choose from.

Now you’ll have to compare your options by comparing facilities, teaching methods, space, etc. and narrow down your consideration set.

If you do not know how to compare, you can again rely on the internet! Just type ‘tips to find best schools in Gurgaon’ and hit enter!

You should be able to find numerous parenting and schooling blogs that will provide you many tips and guides to help you compare between the various schools in Gurgaon.

3. Step 3 is to visit the schools.

So you’ve made a consideration set, narrowed it down after careful considerations and now it’s time to make visits to the schools remaining on your list.

Most schools should allow you to make an appointment on their website, or you can even find the contact numbers online and make an appointment over the phone.

On this visit, make it a point to speak to the principal and understand his/her outlooks on education and the kind of teaching-learning ideologies employed at the school.

It also makes sense to observe a class in progress to see how the teachers interact with the students and the kind of teaching that happens. See whether the teachers are engaging the children or if it is a one-way flow of information.

If possible, try and speak to a teacher and ask her one simple question, “Would you send your child to this school”. She is bound to say yes, but notice her body language or for any hesitation as these are signs you shouldn’t send your child here.

4. Speak to other parents & children.

There’s nothing better than having another parent provide their points of view on a certain school. They’ve gone through what you are going through and are experienced when it comes to choosing a school.

Ask them if they’re happy with the learning environment, the curriculum, the progress their child is making, etc.

But if you want a better picture, ask the child if he or she enjoys going to school. If he/she does, it’s a clear indicator that they enjoy learning at their school, which is always a great thing!

You can take it step further by going online and type ‘Gurgaon best schools review’ or ‘Gurgaon best school testimonials’.

These search results should fetch you the various school aggregator sites that will have reviews and testimonials from other parents; reading them would give you valuable insights into a school.

5. Lastly, listen to your gut!

Now that you’ve made a consideration set, narrowed it down, soaked in the information, visited the school and spoken to parents & children, all that’s left to do is to choose a school.

This might be the hardest part, but all you need to do is close your eyes and go with your gut feeling. Just ask yourself, which one of these schools would my child be happy in?

The answer that gives you all the right feelings is the option you need to go with.

We hope this article will help you find & compare between Gurgaon best schools. Good luck and all the best!

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