Here are 4 ways to choose among the top schools in sector 57.

February 15, 2018

Choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision. The school you end up choosing will have an impact on their overall development, earliest childhood friends, and even the types of extra-curricular activities they take interest in.

It suffices to say that there’s a lot riding on your choice of school.

It may seem like a daunting task but this article is here to make the task a little easier for you. It will highlight 4 factors you can base your decision upon and make the right choice for your child.

1. First choose the right education board.

In India, the most common boards of school education are the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations or CISCE and the state boards such as SSC.

Some schools also follow the curriculum set by international boards such as International Baccalaureate IB & International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGSCE.

The first step in choosing the right school will be choosing the board of education you deem suitable for your child. You’ll have to do a lot of research online to find out the pros & cons of each of these boards.

Once you finalized on a suitable board, start looking for schools in Magarpatta that offer that board of education.

2. Next make a visit to these top schools in sector 57.

After you chosen a board of education and shortlisted some of the best schools that offer the same board of education, the next step would be to visit these schools.

You can learn a lot from one just one visit. You can get insights into how teachers interact with the children is the flow is one ways of if children are engaged.

You can see how bad behavior is managed and how technology is used to improve the standard of teaching.

But most importantly, you can get an idea if your child would be happy in the environment you see in front of you. Because at the end of the day, your child should be happy with the school you choose.

3. Compare the top schools in sector 57 by the facilities they offer.

How big is the campus, do they have modern technology, are the classroom equipped with the right teaching aids, etc. You can also check if the schools you are considering have things like cricket nets, a basketball court, a running track, a skating rink, an amphitheater, an auditorium, a big indoor as well as the outdoor sports complex, etc.

Also look for safety features of the school.

  1. Practical considerations:You should also check practical consideration such as distance from your home. Your child’s most productive time should be filled with learning not traveling.  So look for schools that are close by. Consider school times; try to find a school that has timings that match your schedule.

    These were 4 ways to choose among the top schools in sector 57. We hope this article helps the mammoth task seem a little easier. All the best and good luck!



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