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Let Your Creativity Shine Through!

November 2, 2016

It is said that we often have to sacrifice a few things to be able to get something valuable and precious. Brothers give up their favourite toys or puppies when their little sister cries, parents sacrifice uncountable hours of sleep to watch their children grow safe and healthy, we sacrifice several hours of our sleep to further our professional goals – the list is endless. Thankfully, there are a few sacrifices that don’t have to be permanent.

Art classes in Bangalore are organized on a regular basis with an astonishing variety of topics covered. Don’t believe it? Then here’s a list of some of the events that will be happening in towards the end of this year:

1. The Art of Anchoring – Have you always dreamt of being a great host or being a captivating anchor at a formal event or at any function organized by your family or loved ones? Then learn how to be a great anchor at this workshop that will be held on 12th November at Bloom & Grow, South Bangalore. The fee payable is INR 1,500.
2. Christmas Craft workshop by Crafty JC – Ditch the traditional and common Christmas tree decorations this year. Learn how to trim and decorate your tree in a fabulous way, in addition to learning how to make pretty tree ornaments yourself! For a small investment of INR 1,500 for the course, you can save a lot more as you won’t have to buy these gifts from trendy shops! This workshop will also be held on 12th Nov at Bloom & Grow.
3. Christmas Baking – This festive season, don’t reply on store bought pastries, puddings, and cakes. Instead, create delicious marvels of your own and explore the various ways in which you can learn how to make tradition cakes and puddings, along with snacks such as kulkuls. The cost of this course is INR 2,500, is on 13th November, and will be at Bloom & Grow.
4. Decoupage Art Workshop by Charitha Lingam – This really interesting and offbeat workshop will help you learn how to beautify ordinary objects with the help of paper art. Create various shapes by cutting, painting, or moulding paper in any way you want. With the help of decoupage, affix these paper arts to daily objects such as tables tops, hair brushes, and or even toys and then seal the surface with glue. The workshop will be conducted on 13th Nov at Sheraton Bangalore and costs INR 3,000.
5. Creative Yogis – Encourage your children aged between 7 and 12 years to learn how to write amazing stories, narrate stories in a mesmerizing way, and get introduced to yoga in this workshop that will be conducted on 20th November at Kavade ATTIC, North Bangalore. The fee for this event is just INR 500.

6. Oil Painting Classes for adults – This is a fascinating long-term course that will take place over 4 months, between Dec 6th, 2016 and Mar 28th, 2017. Learn how to make oil paintings of your favourite subjects using oil-based paints from Priyanka Agarwal at Bloom & Grow. The classes will be held every Tuesday, will cover several painting techniques, and its cost is INR 2,200.

So what are you waiting for?! Make your choice and get ready to learn a new skill today!

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