Role and significance of the Cath Lab Technician

June 23, 2017

There are many candidates who aspire to get into clinical laboratories to have a wonderful career. There are available several courses to achieve this dream. One such program that is said to help the candidates to have a successful career is the Cath lab course.

Who are cath lab technicians?

They are called cardia catheterization technologists. Actually, they are cardiovascular technologists working in facilities that conduct examinations on heart health. The professionals do help with catheter insertion into the heart. They are responsible towards measuring as well as administering special fluids. Such fluids and small tubes are utilized for conducting examinations for determining proper functioning of the heart. The different types of tests tend to include pressure checks, x-rays, pumping strength evaluations, etc. It is the under the physician’s supervision that the cath lab technicians are said to work. During any procedure, they tend to monitor the patients to check for life threatening changes. Few cath labs are also said to support procedures involving non-invasive heart health.

Students who get qualified in this course can work as cath lab technicians.

Functioning of cath lab technicians

On being eligible on completion of the program, the candidates can get associate degree programs or postsecondary certificate. Their key responsibilities include monitoring the vital signs of the patients when conducting tests. They also assist in administering catheterization as well as operate the different equipment used for such procedures.

Since there is expected wonderful job growth in this particular domain, it is important to get the certification in this field from a reputed institution.

Role of the Cath Lab Technician

The cab lab technician is also called the cardiology technician. He is required to make use of machines which can help him to diagnose different types of heart conditions. Besides invasive catheterization, the professional is also required to use other types of machines. The EKG is one such type of equipment that allows the professional to get proper reading. This can be availed simply by having the electrodes attached to the body of the patient. The heart’s electrical variations are then recorded. A printout of the same can be taken out for diagnosis which can help the attending physician.

Other activities of the technician

The professional also can help with the treadmill stress testing. The patient’s medical history can be recorded with this procedure. For this, EKG is to be attached. Then blood pressure is to be evaluated and the heart performance is to be monitored. This is to be done when the patient has been walking on the treadmill. Through this procedure, one can observe the increased exertion effect on the heart of the patient and also get to monitor the different activities. Besides working with the different cardiac equipment types, the person can schedule appointments, take care of the equipment and maintain files.

The technician does have a significant role to play and has to make use of different types of equipment. Undergoing the course can help the candidate to emerge a complete professional and enjoy having a flying career.


The cath lab program when completed from a premier institution can help the candidates to learn the different techniques that are required for them to become a full-fledged professional.

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