Understanding about Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment

March 1, 2018

A right assessment method will always lead to a success in some or the other way for your business. However, if you are not really sure whether your business is going to gain any profit from it or not then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. Understand that when it comes to aptitude test there are two most commonly used assessment solution and those are the quantitative assessment and the other one is the qualitative assessment. It helps you gain a thorough understanding on how the candidate will have an impact over the working culture that your business offers.

Understanding the Qualitative Methods

Such type of option is a good initial point when you start with the assessment platform. Such method is used for describing a situation and can offer better insight for the approach of intervention. With this platform you can:

  • Make observation:

This gives you a scope to observe the employees. Understand that behavioural pattern of each person may change. Some people can be self-conscious while some can be pretty much open. It is advised that you have a professional person taking care of it.

  • Manage the Meetings

Meetings are crucial for introducing and understanding the programs and policies. To raise an issue during the meeting may help you understand the workplace and how it will actually affect the outcomes which are important for your employees at professional and personal level.

  • One-on-One Interviews

Usually this approach is taken care by the objective and trained facility. This interview gives an in-depth knowledge and offers the most honest accounting solution in some scenarios as compared to other methods.

Understanding the Quantitative Methods:

Such type of method is useful since it does not take much time of assessment. With this you are able to evaluate and get the objective results the most:

  • Pre-existing Records:

In the workplace to gather the data from the pre-existing record is usually taken in the form of statistics that you are expected to collect at initial stage of hiring itself. It shall include Disciplinary actions, Workers’ compensation costs, High rates of accidents and inventory loss to name a few

  • Self-report Surveys:

It is another extremely important tool of assessment. Such survey needs to be accurately designed and must be well administered to name sure the objectivity degree is well achieved without any issue.

A study made on the assessment solution stated that if you want to make the right use of your hiring platform the quantitative aptitude online test and qualitative approach is the right one to go with. You can use different information sources in the best possible manner to derive the best results. This way you can analyse and gather the data in qualitative and quantitative manner to know the strengths and weakness of the candidate and areas of improvement at the initial stage itself. So make sure you study such assessment pattern carefully before you draw a conclusion on the same. Irrespective of the approach you take, you need to be sure about the result that you get from this.

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