4 Top Features of the Best Casual Shoes

August 25, 2016

Casual shoes are shoes that are made for everyday activities, such as walking, running errands, and hanging out with friends and family. In essence, these are shoes that are not used for formal or corporate events, and are thus made to be laidback and relaxed in terms of fashion and style.
It is of course a requisite that you own at least one pair of casual shoes. This isn’t because you are a budding fashionista, but it’s more about having a pair of shoes that you can use on a daily basis. These shoes, depending on your activities, may serve to be your best friend, thus you have to choose them wisely.
So how do you find the best casual shoes in town? Here are 4 top features to keep in mind:
1. Durable structure and design.
Among many things, it is durability that stands out when it comes to the features of casual shoes. Yes, it is a must that they are top in terms of durability, as you will be using them almost every day. When you already own a pair of these shoes, most likely you won’t be changing from one shoe type to another unless otherwise necessary.
When testing for durability, you have to inspect the materials used, the stitching, and the overall design of the shoes. You would also have to fit them on and see how secured your feet are when on them, as well as how comfortable you feel when using them.
2. Cushioning.
Another feature of the best casual shoes in the market is cushioning. Not all walking shoes are created equal when it comes to insole cushion, and the best ones are those that are not only comfortable on the feet, but also are capable of handling the body weight well.
You may want to research the cushioning characteristics of the shoes you are eyeing to purchase, and see whether the reviews adhere to what the shoes are promising to provide. You may also have to inspect the kind of cushion used on the shoes, and if this cushion is capable of attending to your feet’s needs.
Walking shoes need not always have thick insole cushioning; what’s more important is the firmness of the cushion and that it would not easily wear out after a few uses.
3. Flexibility.
Since you will be using the shoes for walking, occasional dancing and other types of leisure activities, then the casual shoes to own should be flexible enough to allow your feet to move comfortably. You may either wear the shoes during fitting then move your fit around to see how they can follow your movements or bend the shoe itself to gauge its flexibility and elasticity.
If you are satisfied with the way the shoes move with your feet, then they may just be the best choice for you.
4. Style versatility.
A lot of people think that casual shoes need not be stylish otherwise they may lose their lustre and may not work with succeeding fashion trends anymore. Thus these people often go for shoe styles that are plain and basic, to the point that they actually look boring.
When shopping for casual shoes, it is important that you look for styles that are always in season, but not necessarily plain looking. Some of these shoes come in different cuts and embellishments that have become staples for many years, and these are the ones to trust because they never left the fashion scene.
If you’re not sure with what style to choose, then better look for designs you are comfortable with, as well as those that seem to work well with most of your outfits.

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