5 DIY Steps to Stand Mannequins up Without Using Stands

June 29, 2017
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Okay so you have a mannequin display and have visited some top level clothing brands where you thought that mannequin in their display window was standing on its own like a regular human being. Mesmerizing right! Indeed it is, but there is some method in this madness here. Although those high level mannequins in that top brand’s display window might appear to be exquisite but achieving that might not be as expensive or difficult as it may look at first glance. It only requires a few DIY steps to complete the standing on their own look, the technique is known as ‘mannequin striking’. Pay attention to the written instructions below and you might end up creating one of you own impressive mannequins display.


1: Drill Holes on the Lower Hip Area of the Mannequin

Let us make this clear at the upfront, you will have to inflict some level of damage on your beloved mannequins. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to break off limbs or drive a hammer through the torso of them, all you need is a couple of tiny holes at the lower hip area that will facilitate a thin wire passing through them. We will explain the purpose of this wire below, for this step make sure that you use precisely measured spots to drill your holes and get the thinnest driller possible. Most important of all, ensure you do it gently without causing huge chunks to fall off from the hip area (my God, that will look bad). Doesn’t matter what type of a mannequin you have, they can be Flexible Mannequins, headless mannequins, Bendable Mannequins, realistic mannequins or whatever type that is supposed to stand on two feet.

2: Get the Required Equipment

Well we say this equipment, but these really are your everyday items. All the equipment you’ll ever need with this DIY project is a hammer, couple of two headed nails and a long enough 20 gauge wire. Make sure the wire is not thinner than this or it will not be able to hold the mannequin’s weight up. Once everything is acquired, mark your points where you will be hammering the nails, they should be far enough apart to create a balance for the mannequins and should have one leg on each side of their center line. Pass the wire through the holes on the hip of the mannequin and tie their ends on the half hammered nails. You will need two people doing this, one holding the mannequin other doing the striking.

3: Do a Test Run

At this stage hold the wires down firmly and let go of the mannequin while still being very near to it. Check for balance, make minor adjustments to the wire and the nails if needed and do the rest run phase until you find the perfect balance for the mannequin without it tripping in both directions that is forward or back.

4: Check for Hazards

Once you have checked for appropriate balance, hammer in the nails all the way, this should tighten the wire even more. Ideally it should be as tight as on a guitar string yet still not breaking off the hip portion where it is supporting the mannequins. At this stage check for any hazards for the mannequins, this is a delicate solution and mannequins that have been stricken should be placed in windows where there is no other interference at all. Any slightly harsh physical contact with them and you will find your mannequin nose or hip down on the floor.

5: Paint That Wire

The final stage is the one where you want to hide away the wire. You do understand there is no Aladdin’s genie here who will actually make the wire disappear, what you need to do is paint the wire in the floor and wall color. If they are both in the same color, brilliant, if not paint the bit that is viewable while standing from outside the display window in the floor area in the color of the floor and the rest of it in the color of the wall. This would create the illusion of your mannequin standing on its own.

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