Easy Steps to Maintain Beautiful Hair

April 16, 2018

Having healthy hair means not a huge hard work. One just needs to follow some simple steps on a regular basis.

One can get beauty tips for hair in Hindi from beauty magazines but can also follow the following things to get strong hair in return.

  • You need to check the labels behind the shampoo bottles before you buy. The sulphate added shampoos clean the scalp very minutely and leaves the scalp dirt free. This is very important. But if someone faces irritation in scalps and face skin by using a sulphate based shampoo, then they can go for sulphate free shampoos to clean their hair.
  • Choose conditioners according to your hair type. But one thing has to be remembered. Oiling your hair is equally necessary. One can use mild coconut oil and if one is prone to oily hairs, then a mild olive oil or tea tree oil can serve the purpose. Oil is needed because; it provides essential minerals which helps one to get strong hair and prevents hair fall.
  • Deep nourishing conditioning is a must at least once in every alternative week. In this, one needs to shampoo their hair and pat it well removing all the water and then apply conditioner to it. Wrap it up with a towel and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse off the conditioner well with water. This will leave your hair smooth and silky.
  • What you eat always shows in your hair. The regular diet should be rich in iron and protein. This is because; the hair cells are the fastest cells to grow if one is living on a healthy diet. If they are not, then the hair is the first one to get affected negatively. That is why; iron rich foods like fresh and leafy vegetables, fishes, beans, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, soybeans and cereals should e regular in one’s every day diet. According to hair care experts, one needs to consume at least 12 grams of iron on a daily basis to maintain healthy hair.
  • Raw eggs are very much recommended by most of the hair experts as they think it is very good for hair. One just needs to beat an entire raw egg and apply it on hair thoroughly. It is said, the yolk of the egg is rich in protein and fats and thus it provides a lot of moisture to the hair. The egg white on the other hand has enzymes which destroy bacteria and also removes the dirty oil from the scalp which gets accumulated due to humidity and pollution. It acts as a good conditioner. If you have oily hair, then use only the white part of the egg. Egg yolk again is very beneficial for dry and frizzy hairs. If used once in two weeks, it can really make a difference.
  • Also one needs to trim their hair every three months to get rid of the split ends.

One can ask hair experts some tips for beautiful hair in Hindi.

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