How to Keep the Purple Color Hair for Long with Sulfate Free Conditioner and Shampoo

November 10, 2016
The vibrant hair colors have become the fashion choice of many women. Red, blue, yellow and many more colors are there providing unique and rocking hairstyle for women. But the one color that has become the trendiest this season, is purple. It looks amazing and gives a rock star look to the woman’s face.

When you decide to dye your hair with this color, you also need to be aware of the tricks, including sulfate free conditioner, which keeps the color bright for a long time. Otherwise, you will end up in your hair salon every second week.

Here are all the tricks you can use to keep the purple color vibrant for a long time. ‘

1. Wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo only

All the regular shampoo products are not safe for colored hairstyles. They contain sulfates, which is responsible for the early fading of the color, and also gives you scalp irritation, hair fall issue, and split ends.

A shampoo, SLS free Shampoo would be a better idea to keep the color for long. It also reduces the amount of money you spend on the hairstyling and dying.

2. Put some hair color in your sulfate free deep conditioner

These natural deep conditioning products reach to the roots of the hair. Hence, by adding a little amount of purple dye in it, you will provide the extra color and keep it vibrant. But make sure the conditioner is free from sulfates, as they can fade the color to a great extent.

3. Don’t rub the ends too hard while applying sulfate and silicone free conditioner

The ends of your hair lose the color easily. Hence, make sure that you don’t rub it too hard during the conditioning process. Apply a sulfate free Shampoo and conditioner, be gentle, and you will get the required nourishment without losing the color from the tip of the hair.

4. Use the best sulfate free conditioner and wash it with cold water

Well, no need to use too cold water. We are not having an ice bucket challenge here! You just have to avoid using too warm water. It fades the dye of the hair and makes it less dramatic. Hence, just keep the temperature mild enough, so that, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to you and your hair.

5. Avoid the daily wash

The more you wash, the more it fades the color. So, it is better to keep the washing schedule only twice a week. It will clean your hair without damaging the brightness of the purple color.

6. Protect your hair from the heat of the irons

It is better to avoid too much use of irons for the styling of your hair. However, if you feel the need of using one, apply a heat protection spray before, to avoid any color damage.

Use these tips and you will rock that purple color for a very long time.

What are you waiting for?! Change your conditioner today.

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