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Seven tops you must wear with your jeans

June 30, 2017

No matter what day it is or what event you are going to, a pair of jeans is the most comfortable outfit that you can ever wear. Many young girls would agree with me because jeans is just super comfortable. The right pair of jeans just fits you properly and once you wear it, it almost feels like your skin, like you are not wearing any clothes. So, wearing jeans is preferred by most young women no matter to which occasion. You can wear jeans to whatever event you are going, you just have to be wearing the right top to look appropriate.

Here are some tops you can match with your jeans and look fabulous. When you Buy Women Jeans Online in Indiayou can also buy these –

Crop top

It is a must in everyone’s list this year. A crop top is fun and youthful. It is comfortable to wear and also flaunts your waist. You can wear a casual crop top to work, college or a day out with friends. If you are going to a dinner date, you can choose a crop top that is a bit fancy. You will look beautiful, at the same time avoid looking like you are trying hard to impress.

Long kurti –

If you are going to a function, puja, temple or a wedding, you can wear a long kurti that looks desi with your jeans. Your look will be chic and at the same time ethnic. You can throw a stole around your neck to add some colours and volume to the outfit. The kurti can be of any type, size, length and design. Choose the kurti according to the place that you are going to.

Formal shirt

The formal shirt cannot just be worn to formal events, meetings, office or college, it can also be worn to lunch dates. The shirt will have an aura of formality while the jeans will make you look cool. It is the best way to combine casual and formal. Use light coloured shirts like pastels, white, fuchsia and peach. You will look beautiful with some chunky jewelry to add on.

T shirt

A walk in the park, a movie night, visiting a friend’s house, grabbing a pizza or when you are travelling. In all these casual occasions comfort becomes very important than the look. So, you can wear a t shirt and your favourite pair of jeans. The t shirt can be anything from plain white to colour, letter imprints to doodles on it, sequined to heavy work. Wearing a t shirt is very easy and looks cool with Jeans for Girls & Women.


When the day is cold and you need to look sensuous, you can just put on a black blazer and a pair of blue jeans. With some light silver jewelry, you are going to look all business. This is a savior at times of urgency.

These are some tops that you can wear along with your jeans at various occasions.  You can choose according to necessity and your comfort.

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