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The Chinese Gastronomy As We Know It

February 14, 2018

Chinese food is one of the most widely consumed dishes in the world. But did you know that in the Chinese culture, treating one another with a nice and authentic chinese foodies a part of their age-old cultural exchange and signifies a new beginning of friendship or simply enhancing an established relationship.

Chinese food is undeniably an integral part of the global platter. Due to the Chinese immigration that happened back in 1949 (famous in history as the ‘Chinese diaspora’) and also due to the country’s global influence, Chinese cuisine has been one of the most preferred dishes, with obviously, few modifications made to suit the local palate.

A lot of emphasis is given to the style of preparation. So, whether you order food online or prepare it yourself, taking guidance from your menu book, you will notice that the simplicity in preparation is predominant.

Even though, we all find ourselves craving for Chinese every once in a while, we may not even know the different types of Chinese delicacy available. Did you know that there are four major styles of preparation: the Cantonese, cooked in southern China, the Sichuan type in the western province, Huaiyang (or simply Yang) cooked in the eastern province and lastly, the Beijing type, which is fondly called the ‘Northern’ food. Some would also mention about a fifth type, called the Fujian.

The stir-fries, the sweet & sour delicacies and the choupseys, also known as the Cantonese style of Chinese cooking, have gained more popularity outside of China, along with its northern counterpart, such as the Szechuan and Shanghai types, which has gained its prominence in other Asian countries.

Back in the 90’s, I remember, ordering chinese food meant either you would have to settle with the greasy chinese, which you would’ve ordered from your neighbourhood uncle’s restaurant, or, you would’ve to wait for your dad to come back home and take you and mom to a nearby decent restaurant. On top of that, cooking a good and authentic chinese dish all by yourself seemed like an ambitious attempt!

But thanks to the internet, today, getting a blissful experience of an authentic chinese food has become much easier. Exhausted after a hard day’s work? Just order food online from any leading food portal like Fresh menu, swiggy,zomato or foodpanda!

Twenty years ago, having Chinese food meant cooking a regional version of the Cantonese diet. Like, having Sweet & sour juicy veggies, pan-fried rice and probably, spring rolls, as an addition! But today, due to the availability of food ordering apps like, fresh menu, you can simply order food online and enjoy a savouring dinner with your family,without having to miss your favourite TV show!

The stretched-out ribbony noodles, cooked delightfully with spices, garlic and olive oil, spread its aroma across the room and not only does it enrich one’s senses but also, make any individual salivate.

Since centuries, the rise of chinese gastronomy paved way for an undaunted interest in chinese culture worldwide. The people of China have migrated in different parts of the world and thus, by mushrooming in various colonies they have been actively spreading their colourful culture through art, medicine, religion and definitely, food!

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