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5 Interesting Techniques to Track Weigh Loss

July 27, 2016

Don’t the reduced numbers on the weighing machine fill you with the excitement? It is a common habit of checking the weight loss progress regularly to see in which direction your efforts are going.

For some checking weight, every day can be encouraging but there are many people who try the escape their routine. If you are visiting a medical weight loss clinic in Montereyand following a weight loss program, you need to track your progress to see how the plan is working for you. Regular tracking can help you achieve your goals in time.

Do you hate standing on the weighing machine to check your weight every now and then? Don’t worry this blog is especially for people like you. Here I have included some interesting ways to track weight without stepping up on the scale.

1. Taking selfies
Isn’t it amazing to capture your progress in images and see yourself transforming into a hot diva through images? Have a look at the selfies teenagers keep posting on social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram etc. and capture your pictures in the same poses.

Selfies work as a stronger motivation than the numbers you see on the scale as the pictures are full body shots. You can see the improvement in your waistline, which is the biggest motivational factor.

2. Keep pretty things in two containers
This is an interesting weight loss tracking technique. All you need are two jars and small pretty things like buttons, pebbles or gemstones. Use the jars as your target and write the number of pounds you want to lose. Mark one jar for lbs you want to lose and the other one for lbs you lost. Keep shifting items from one jar to the other one as per your success. This you way you can keep a record of your success rate as well as the time is taken in achieving the target.

3. Buy one size smaller pair of pants
Is the biggest motivation for your weight loss regime is the shopping you are going to do after achieving the goals? If yes, just buy a pair of pants of a dress that is one size smaller that your present size and keep trying the dress until you fit into that perfectly. Repeat the process until you find yourself perfectly fitted into your dream dress. Just make sure you set a realistic goal and don’t hamper your overall health to fit into a dress. Further, don’t run after quick weight loss by avoiding your health.

4. Use charm jewelry
If you love stylish and charming jewelry items like bracelets and necklaces, these are perfect items for weight loss tracking. Confused, how come jewelry and weight loss tracking are interrelated? These might not have any direct relation but work as a perfect motivation tool. You can buy yourself a designer and classy jewelry item each time you lose a specific amount of weight. It is a sort of rewarding technique which you use for your success.

5. Measure your energy level
If you don’t like taking selfies every day, you can keep an eye on your energy level to measure your weight loss progress. To do that, you need to indulge in some activity for which you feel that you don’t have the energy right now.

For instance, try to walk for at least 30 minutes every day. In the beginning, you might find it difficult due to your weight, walk as much as you can and keep increasing the minutes. Then check the improvement at the end of the month by checking the increased number of minutes.

These five fun ways to track weight loss progress prevent you from the stepping on the scale. So follow the instructions given by doctors at California Weight Management Center in Monterey CA and keep an eye on your improvement to get the perfect shape.

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