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A Simple and Easy Guide To Building A Bigger, Stronger Chest

July 5, 2017

Achieving weight loss and a fit physique may seem overwhelming. However, with consistent efforts and regular physical training, both can be attained quite easily.

When it comes to building a stronger and bigger chest, there is a variety of exercises that can help you do that – from pushups to chest dips. While this wide array of options can be quite confusing, the key is to try a different group of exercises every week so your body doesn’t get used to them. This means that every time you try a new exercise, it will grow your muscles faster. Also, using different training methods rids you of tedium and prevents boredom.

Not everyone is satisfied with just working out

Most people prefer hitting the gym when they wish to exercise. But for many others, doing only that just doesn’t cut it. They prefer adding a number of other elements to their workout routines for maximum benefit.

One such option is the intake of pre-workout formulae that are made using the best, scientifically researched, ingredients which target particular parts of your body to strengthen them. Mammoth pump, for example, is one such supplement that is packed with great ingredients that aim to achieve hard muscle gains, explosive energy and massive pumps.

While supplements like these can be extremely beneficial for you, there are a number of other ways you can build a bigger and stronger chest. Some of these are as follows:

Incline barbell bench press – the ultimate muscle-builder

Often referred to as the first exercise when it comes to chest training, incline barbell bench press is, surely, the way to develop mass and muscle in the upper and middle regions of your body. This exercise targets your upper chest, the back of your arms, called triceps, and the shoulders. Since this exercise is performed on an incline, it exerts great emphasis and pressure on the upper portion of your chest. This also makes it safer and joint-friendly for your shoulders.

When performing an incline bench press, the goal is to position your body, on an incline bench, in a way that it makes a 30-45 degree angle and your feet fall flat on the ground. Then, grab a barbell with an overhand grip, you are supposed to hold it above your chest, with both hands apart at shoulder-width.

Your arms need to be extended upwards so that they lock out your elbows. The next step is to slowly lower the bar straight down towards your chest, hold it there for a second or two and then press the bar back up to the starting position. The key is to maintain control and not let the bar bounce off your chest.

Pushups rule out all other chest exercises

Pushups are often referred to as one of the most efficient bodyweight movements that target your arms, chest, and shoulders. The best part is, you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to perform this exercise.

You can execute them anywhere, at any time of the day, with or without any additional equipment. This exercise begins by lying face down on a flat surface, with your head aligned with the spine. Your toes should be positioned in a way that they touch the floor and your lower half should be straight up, above the surface.

Pull your shoulders back by taking your hands off the floor. While keeping your quads, abs and upper back tight, bring your hands down and push yourself back up. Your arms need to be pushed until they are fully locked and extended.

Here, you have to ensure that your body adopts a downward angle but maintains a straight line with shoulders, hips, feet, knees, and head perfectly aligned. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

Dips – the primary mass builder for a stronger chest

Touted as the upper body squat, dips have helped build some of the strongest muscular physiques, in recent times. This exercise forces people to use their upper body and core, to the maximum. It also ensures complete lockout strength, because your elbows get completely locked out while performing a dip, which is one of the requirements of this exercise

To get started, you need to have access to parallel bars. Begin by grabbing the bars with both hands and holding your body at arm’s length. Your palms should face inwards and your arms need to be straight.

Breathe in and lower yourself slowly, so that your elbows flare out slightly, in order to feel a minor stretch in your chest. Your elbows need to be pushed against your body at the right angles. Slowly bring your body back to the starting position with the help of your chest as you breathe out.

An incline dumbbell press will work on the largest muscle in your chest

Being a gym favorite, this exercise aims to build your chest, by targeting the largest and most important muscles in your chest, called the pectoralis major. Since it makes great use of your chest and front shoulders, it helps you lift heavier loads, as these muscles get straightened in the process.

The use of dumbbells is also an added advantage because they enable great balancing skills on each side of your body by stabilizing your core and the shoulders throughout. To do this exercise, you need to lie back on an inclined bench and carry a dumbbell in each hand, over your thighs.

The palms of both your hands should be facing each other. Using your legs to push the dumbbells up, hold them at shoulder width. At this point, you should be laying back on the bench, with your arms outstretched and the dumbbells above your body.

Slowly lower down the dumbbells, towards your upper chest, until they are at the same level as your chest. Push the dumbbells back up without locking your elbows and repeat the process.

The chest press – a key component of strength programs

Commonly denoted as ‘seated chest’ press or ‘machine press’, this exercise is performed on a chest press machine, in an upright position. It focuses on your triceps, upper chest, and deltoids. The chest press is great for strength building and requires minimal athletic skills to pull off.

This exercise is easier to perform because the press machine guides the movement of your arms, which allows for greater resistance and helps endorse proper technique.

To perform a chest press, you need to place your back against the backrest of the chest press machine and your feet flat on the ground or floor. Grab the handles and ensure that your hands are in line with your chest.

With your wrists kept straight, push the handles forward so that your arms are extended straight, without your elbows locking out. After pausing for a while, return your arms back slowly towards your chest.

There are hundreds of brilliant chest exercises that aim to build your chest and increase it, in terms of strength and size. But the aforementioned ones are the top five exercises that are easy to perform compared to the other difficult ones. If implemented regularly, with good variation, the desired results can be achieved in no time.

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