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Foods And Drinks That Damage Your Teeth And Gums

August 10, 2016

Dental health is important. It depends a lot on the kind of foods and drinks one eats. As a result, you should show a lot of restraint when it comes to eating things randomly. After all, not all foods are helpful for the teeth and gums. In a sense, you are supposed to know what hurts and what helps dental health. If you’re not sure about such food items, it makes sense then to consult the dentist nearby and get right consultation on the issue.

Here are foods and drinks you should avoid to maintain dental health – 

Soda consumption not only leads to cavities but the presence of acids in it can harm the enamel of the teeth. 

Sports drinks or energy drinks should be avoided as they are high on sugar and acids – two harmful elements for causing cavities and erosion. 

Regular consumption of alcohol causes dry mouth and dehydration leading to gum and oral diseases due to lack of saliva production in the mouth.  

Wine not only stains the teeth but also dries the moth and makes the teeth sticky, apart from being extremely acidic in nature.    

Coffee stains the teeth very badly, weakens the enamel for being acidic in nature, makes the teeth sticky and also dehydrates the mouth, and its effects worsen if sugar is added to them.  

Fruits juices are healthy but being acidic in nature, they pose some dental risks and only way to minimize their damage is by rinsing the teeth after drinking them.  

Eating sticky or chewy candy is bad for the teeth in two ways – first, they have truckload of sugar and second, they are sticky in nature resulting in bacterial growth in the mouth. 

Dried fruits may have helpful nutrients but they are not helpful for your teeth for being rich in sugar and being sticky in nature. 

Citrus fruits are perhaps the best way to get vitamin C but they also carry acids which can damage the enamel and lead to dental erosion. 

Crackers are rich in carbohydrates that break down into sugar and they go chewy or sticky to pose further problems to the teeth. 

While starchy foods like potato chips harm the teeth by being stuck in between the teeth, the foods rich in carbohydrates, such as white bread, harm for breaking into sugar later on.     

If peanut butter & jelly harms for being rich in sugar and sticky in nature, then ice can harm only when you decide to chew on it. 

You should either avoid eating or cut down the intake of vinegar and pickles as both these are rich in acid and weaken the enamel and lead to tooth decay. 

You know acidic foods are not helpful for dental health and this is why tomatoes can do the damage but surely not when eaten as a part of meal. 
  In overall, you should consult the dentist at the earliest to know what food items to eat and what to avoid to maintain oral health and keep the teeth healthy. 

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