How to keep the sex drive alive during pregnancy?

March 2, 2018

Pregnancy is the most wonderful journey for all the women out there. It comes with its share of happy moments and sad ordeals to deal with. One of the factors that people contemplate during pregnancy is about having sex. Being pregnant and having sex might sound like an issue for some people, but doctors’ advice the couples to have sex throughout pregnancy as it does not do any harm to the baby.

Sex during pregnancy is definitely different from the normal days as there is a hormonal rush happening for the women. The blood flow increases by 40% for her and that is the reason for the changes in breast size, increase in sensitivity. The sex drives keep fluctuating for the women throughout pregnancy. The drive is at its peak in the second trimester when the levels of hormones are high and is at its least in the first trimester when there are nausea and vomiting at its peak.

For some ladies, the desire to have sex is completely off during pregnancy. This can happen due to the mental and emotional changes that the woman is going through. Some women also feel that their body has changed rapidly and suddenly they do not find themselves attractive. On the other hand, the plus size makes some women very happy and they happily flaunt it! Some couples feel that having sex during pregnancy might actually harm the baby and might lead to miscarriage.

Doctors encourage every couple to have a healthy and safe sexual relationship. They also advise the couples to have a moderate sex routine as vigorous sex can sometimes cause pain or discomfort in the cervix or vagina. Safe positions like women on top or on the side can lead to a good sex as the regular missionary position will be impossible with the big belly. One more reason to avoid the missionary position is that the uterus gives pressure on the aorta (the main blood vessel in the heart) and increases the blood pressure and reduces the blood flow to the heart which in turn decreases the blood flow to the baby too.

There are some ways in which the sex drive can be brought back. The partner plays a very important role in this and should be supportive of the lady throughout pregnancy.

1. Flaunt your plus sizes- instead of feeling depressed, buying new dresses that flaunt the look can make the lady happy. Maternity lingerie and special maternity wear dresses are easily available now.

2. Babymoon- spending some quality time in your favorite holiday destination is all it needs to make the woman relaxed and happy. The change in her surroundings brings back her older self!

3. Decorating the house- the partner can decorate the room or the house with her favorite things or color that appreciates her motherhood. This is sure to lift her mood up and spice things in life!

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