Is it Safe to Douche When you are Pregnant?

February 28, 2018

In the bracket of 20 % to 35 % of American women have given their thumbs up to douching. The trends increase when it is the case of the teenage group. Doctors suggest douching while pregnant needs to be avoided as far as possible. It is not only to make them fresh, douching does help to get rid of the unpleasant odour that stems out from the vagina. This is mainly the menstrual blood as it is prevents occurrence of any form of sexually transmitted disease or the chances of being pregnant after intercourse as well.

Yes health experts have adopted a strict stance against vaginal douching. It could lead to a higher chance of infections, complications in pregnancy along with a host of other health problems.

The definition of douching and what advantages you can derive from it?

In French the word douching does indicate to soak or wash. Ideally one needs to wash the vagina with a mixture of water or iodine coupled with vinegar. The douches that you come across in the stores do contain fragrances and antiseptics. Normally the douche is available in a bag or plastic and then it is sprayed into a tube upward region on to the vagina.

The general perception among women is that it does help them to be clean after douching. But it has to state that there is very less scientific evidence to prove this. In the overall situation the risk does outnumber the benefits

  • Vaginal infections – it has to be stated that douching does take a toll on the balance of bacteria in your vagina. What happens is that these changes make if conclusive for the bacteria to thrive and infections do occur. Research though points to the fact that women who douched less have few chances of contracting infections. When you do have infections it does increase the chances of premature delivery or occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases
  • PID- you are suffering from PID when there is infection of the uterus, fallopian tubes or the ovaries. Studies do point to the fact that women who douche have 73 % more chances of suffering from PID

The most difficult area of concern with vaginal douching is pregnancy complications. Say for example women who go on to douche once in a week have less chance of being pregnant in comparison to women who do not douche. If you douche on a weekly basis the possibility of cervical cancer cannot be ruled out

Now the question is how does the vagina go on to clean itself?  You can let the outside of it clean with warm water when you are bathing. As far as the inside of it is concerned it can clean itself by the process of mucus. But having said so if any form of unpleasant discharge or smell arises from the vagina on a recurring basis, then it is better to seek the advice of your doctor.

The golden advice is to keep away from douching as far as possible.

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