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Lower Back Pain: Causes & Symptoms

January 18, 2018
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With largely sedentary jobs where people are required to sit in one position for long time has seen a spike in people suffering from lower back pain. But the problem comes when it is persistent and intolerable. Then it is time to visit a specialist in lower back pain,West Palm Beach.

The lower back

The lower back, also known as the lumbar area, provides structural support, aids movement and protects of body tissues that lie inside it. One of our most essential skeletal organs, the lower back (like the rest of the spine) is a marvelously constructed structure. It is made of interconnected discs, bones joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments.

This is a complex structure that is responsible for important functions. It supports the weight of the body, aids in movement like twisting, turning and bending. It also protects the spinal column encased within. This complexity can also make it vulnerable. Any imbalance has the potential of accelerating to a serious condition.

Causes of lower back pain

Most cases of lower back pain are due to injury to muscle, ligament or disc. There are many ways one can injure these, such as lifting heavy weight, bad posture or sudden movement. Very often it can also be result of a specific activity like a sports injury. These injuries can happen suddenly or develop over time.

For instance, a muscle strain can occur when a muscle has been overstretched over a period time. Poor posture will cause this strain and over time cause the injury. A sports injury with sudden twisting, on the other hand, may happen suddenly. Many of us suffer from some degree of back pain. It becomes a matter of concern when the pain is acute and prolonged.


It is important to look out for the symptoms of lower back pain so that you can stop it from worsening. Depending on the severity, you will be recommended for pain management or surgery. This includes dull pain in the lower back. The pain will often appear hips, buttocks, legs. It seems worse after sitting for a prolonged period or after you wake up from sleep. It improves as you change positions or move about.

You need to visit a specialist in lower back pain West Palm Beach if there is severe and constant pain, fever, weight loss, loss of bladder/bowel movement or any pain from a recent trauma like an accident.

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