Perfect Guide to Get a Medical Test in UAE

July 4, 2017

The UAE government is quite popular across the world for ensuring a healthy living environment at all times. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why the people arriving or intending to arrive in this country & have applied for the visa, are supposed to undergo medical tests. These test actually assure that the community is well-protected against all the possible infectious diseases.

Basically, the UAE holds a huge significance especially as an international business hub. For almost every multinational company, it’s a melting point that lets them broaden their horizons and expand their businesses. Whether it’s for the residential or the employment purpose, every single entrant will undergo the medical test. This test will actually be conducted by the Dubai Health Authority’s Medical Centers that are well-equipped keeping up with the international standards. Apart from the medical test for employment Abu Dhabi, all residents are also required to have a health card.

Medical Examination for UAE Workers and Residents

Generally, the blood tests are conducted in order to determine whether you have a communicable disease or not. Alongside, the X-Rays are taken to test for TB (Tuberculosis). As per the law of UAE, the visa of a candidate will be denied and is sure to be deported in case the test result is positive. Moreover, it’s actually the category of worker that decides the kind of medical test for employment Abu Dhabi one will undergo;

AIDS/HIV, Tuberculosis & Leprosy

These test are mandatory for the Expats seeking a new visa. In case a candidate has TB or even TB Scars, he/she will not be allowed to enter UAE. In case the one has been living in this country and is then affected by TB, then the conditional certificate will be given along with a one-year residence visa. But till that time, one must undergo proper treatments. Moreover, the residents having any of these diseases won’t be allowed to sponsor any family members having TB or TB Scars.

Syphilis & Hepatitis Tests

This happens to be a quite prominent medical test for employment Abu Dhabi, especially for the new comers applying for the domestic helpers, kindergarten, babysitters, and workers at health clubs, restaurants or barber shop. The same category people will be required to undergo syphilis. As per the new laws, people who previously failed the Hepatitis tests, can now reapply for the residence visa. Therefore, the candidate can easily try again after being treated until and unless he or she is blacklisted.

Pregnancy Test

For those of you, who are applying for the domestic helpers, babysitters or female drivers, will have to undergo this test necessarily. In case the result his positive, the employer will have to submit a statement about his awareness of her pregnancy before the residence visa is granted.

The Documents required for a new Visa are;

  • Original Passport
  • Letter from Typing Office (Arabic)
  • Medical Test Fee
  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Health Card Receipt or Number


Are you applying for the new visa in UAE? There are few medical tests you will have to undergo. Just check out the article now.

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