Prevention of Side Effects

Prevention of Side Effects

November 3, 2017

Side effects of Dianabol are well known by all the users as they go through it from time to time. It has a few lower effects of androgenic strength which is compared to testosterone when looking at side effects. Anabolic steroids have many side effect on the users out of which some are unique due to its compounds. But Dianabol has no such unique side effects known until now. But it does have almost all the side effects that anabolic steroids show on the users. There is a list of side effects that is seen among users of anabolic steroids which can be hypothalamic pituitary testicular Axis side effects, androgenic side effects, cardiovascular side effects, estrogenic side effects, or liver toxicity side effects.

Details of the side effects

Side effects of Androgenic steroids can be many. Some of them are increased production of sebum that can cause the skin to become oily and cause acne thereafter. Hair growth in excess is also seen in some cases. If the user has a history of genetic badness then it can be a side effect also. This is seen among men and not for women. While women on the other hand face side effects such as growth of clitoris or male characteristics development or deepening of the voice or excess hair growth which should not be case among women. Most side effects are avoidable if worked upon well and in advance. You should immediately seek medical help so that such side effects can be stopped. In many cases if this is not done on time, the process is irreversible. You can use a shampoo called as Nizoral which is apotential blocker of Androgen. If you apply this shampoo at the areas which are expected to be affected such as the oily skin and the head for male pattern baldness then it would kill the androgens to attack and cause harm.

For Methandrostenolone side effects, it is necessary to know that men can develop breasts which would not be a good sign from appearance stand point. This has been reported by users who have consumed high mount of steroids and is a risk factor which should be looked upon. If this steroid is combined with testosterone then it is potentially an added risk as it can occur among users. You should use Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator also known as SERM to block the effect of enlargement of breasts. Aromatase Inhibitor is also a great way to block the side effect. But the negative part about such drugs is that it does not reduce the level of estrogens in the blood which can cause other side effects as well. These can be bloating which will not have any effect despite of using SERM or the aromatase inhibitor. It has a huge impact on the heart of the user. The good cholesterol level is reduced and the bad cholesterol is increased which pressurizes the heart to not function as it should.

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